Tue 3rd Apr 2018 12:31


by Ashlyn Alarian

Goodness it has been quite awhile since I have had a cause to write anything down. Last night whilst getting a glass of juice from the bar I had the chance to read our lovely barkeeps notes and it inspired me to write down my perspective of the strange events that transpire around me. I also hope that by writing these events down it might relieve me of the my paranoia, spending time around so many beings who give off evil auras yet I have not seen do any evil acts gives me cause to doubt my ability to tell who is evil and not.
To further expand on this topic of doubt, yesterday we investigated a tower that radiated evil and that attempted to suppress my connection to Sarenrae. Thankfully my lady’s strength still reached me despite the towers evil. As we climbed the tower I came to learn of two evil sisters from one of their prisoners whom I would rather not write about as I hope to forget the evils done to her. The first sister I encountered I offered the chance to surrender as she showed that she had a mind unlike the other undead in the tower. Despite her being some form of Vampire I deemed that she doesn’t seem to be evil, hence my doubts in my own abilities.
We then continued upward where we encountered a Lich, normally I would have flung myself into combat with it but we had already scoured the rest of the tower and not encountered anything that could have been a phylactery and thus it would be rather pointless to slay it. It teleported away before we could attack it anyways.
The Lich before retreating however did attempt to lock us in the tower through some evil dimensional magic. The Vampire sister however unlocked it for us then passed out. Happily my friends decided we should bring her with us and not leave her in the tower, I was expecting them to just want to leave her there. I was busy tending to the poor Nymph so our delightful barkeep took charge of the Vampire.
As we left the tower we found ourselves back in Port Amarin! I was delighted to see the Port again even though I believe we are banned from it due to the corrupt mayor, someday when I’m strong enough I want to cleanse that town of corruption, then the whole nation.
After collecting ourselves and our bearings I and a few of my companions took our lovely Nymph friend to a gathering of Druids. I gave them a bit of gold and asked them to take care of her, even as we were leaving she looked as if she had begun the long process of healing. I swear I’ll make that Lich pay for that.
Also, I finally had the opportunity to summon my loyal horse, I named him Yoshi. Though I like Pin’s magical transportation device I do believe I’d like to get better locks or doors, probably both on my room. Speaking of Pin, she has asked me for assistance in teaching her new companion morals, this is something I think I’m quite capable of! Thankfully my lady the Dawnflower’s holy text “The Birth of Light and Truth.” is a fantastic source of morals.
Unlike many church’s holy texts that tell stories and are more historical in nature, my lady’s is more practical, explaining the beliefs of the church, offering advice on dealing with sin and temptation, and many parables of evil creatures seeing the light of the Dawnflower and turning to good, productive lives thereafter. Her book also contains simple folk remedies for common illnesses and injuries, as well as helpful hints for dealing with common supernatural or monstrous evils, such as that vampires are vulnerable to garlic.
I actually now write this journal in the back pages of the book, most copies of Light and Truth text have pages in the back like mine so that you can write your stories and uplifting experiences! I really do hope I Instill the virtues of the good in this friend of Pin’s. I have hopes to reform the more evil members of my party, for even my Lady communicates with Evil deities in the hopes of saving them from their dark ways, I can do my best to emulate this with my companions.
I also received a letter of invitation to a ball!

Dearest Lady Alarian of the Everflame,
Your recent defeat of the beast threatening Serendel Forest and assistance in Port Amarin, Ilendras and the Sylvancliffs have created for you a fearsome reputation as a warrior of the light, a fair paladin of your Goddess. It is due to these exploits that we cordially invite you and a guest of your choosing to the annual Starswept Masquerade Ball at the Moonlit Palace, on the final day of Autumn - the 31st of Lamashan.
The celebrations will begin at 4pm, and will continue until 2am. Lodgings, if necessary or requested, will be provided to you at the Palace. This year, the ball will be themed around the colours of Winter itself, as we say farewell to the remnants of Autumn's warmth and welcome the cool touch of Winter - please wear formal attire in a pleasing blend of the following colours, using cool tones only: Blue, white, silver, green, pink, purple, red, cream and brown. We also request that you wear a mask to fit our theme; professional craftsmen will be available if you so require them.
The Ball is strictly weapons-free, though you may store your weapons on the premises, and due to your deitys gifts, we must also request that you do not use your powers at the Ball unless directly bidden by the Lady Sarenrae herself or in defence of the Realm. We hope to see you there!
On a more personal note, Lady Alarian. We have heard through our son, Cyne, that you are considered a Princess; however, we are not aware of the nature of your royalty. Due to your status as one of the Lady Sarenraes favoured Champions, a Hero of the Forests and as one born of celestial blood, this must be discussed in person. Upon arrival in Undria, if you so choose to attend the Ball, please visit the Palace, as we have much to discuss. If you are indeed one of our family, or of similar stature, then there is some important information you need to know.
Yours sincerely,
Lord Andron of Undria, Duke of the Undric Region, Steward of Aletheia and Prince of the Empire.