Sun 11th Nov 2018 07:27


by Ashlyn Alarian

We have spent our recent time in a maze of Evil beings, we began our journey into this cursed land seeking out the soul of a villain to trade for Celu's soul. But in the course of doing so we found ourselves in the maze filled with horrifying beasts, and Minotaurs. We entered here after receiving information that by entering here we would become stronger AND Celu would be returned to true life. We fought horrors, collecting gems and bracelets strewn throughout the maze that we used to progress.
After many difficulties we arrived at a large chamber with a pentagram upon the floor, after we stepped onto a set a pressure plates a creature of what appeared to be carved Ivory appeared and the Gargoyles around the room came to life. Thankfully I was able to defend my companions quite effectively from the Gargoyles with the Divine Bond I share with my Agathion.
The Ivory creature though was on an entirely different level. It decimated Celu and nearly tore Artemis what Pin would refer to as "a new one". After we put it down we were let into a room filled with strange items and a man who had been turned into a statue in a time I would guess before the World Rend. Hopefully we can get him to Ironfalls and help him adjust to this new world. Celu put on a necklace we found and she came back to life and Orpheus (Aniks) was blinded. After that we were drawn out of the maze and Celu was branded with the mark of a champion. Then Cyne summoned a chariot and brought us back to a lake we had visited earlier in our travels through this realm. We're now resting as the Lady of the lake was kind enough to wait for us to be ready to speak with her.