Tue 3rd Apr 2018 01:46


by Ashlyn Alarian

We have taken the town! The bandits are dead and the demonic incursion underneath the castle has been dealt with. There is an altar to a Dwarven deity in the bottom of the keep as is to be expected in a Dwarven fortress.
I look forward having more time to develop some sort of monastery, dojo, center for worship and honing one's own skills. I would like to train the devoted to be able to defend themselves and others as I do. My style of combat seems to be very effective, it seems the training I received from my father has held up over the last millennium.
It is wonderful to spend time with Midna and Mery.
I do believe I need to look into investing my money into some viable and just business. I need to look to the future of Mery and Midna. Whilst it would be worth while investing all my earnings into better gear for myself I feel that is selfish. Whilst I know asking Cyne would make sense I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. He would attempt to fool me and advise me into funding some morally grey scheme and then feel pleased with himself. Pin was a merchant at one time I wonder if she has any connections, though I image I could mail my relatives in the Capital and ask them if they know of any reliable and trustworthy surveyors who could assist me in turning our small town into a place of industry.