Tue 3rd Apr 2018 01:22


by Ashlyn Alarian

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything as we’ve solely been traveling and there was naught to record. However last night we were besieged on our path by a Shadow Dragon and some Undead with a contingent of werewolves. The Undead and Werewolves were of no consequence but the Dragon killed Cid. Thankfully we brought him back though he is now a plant man.
Cyne was not understanding of my want to be left alone for awhile. For a lord of subterfuge and secrets he sure didn’t take the hint that I was making up excuses to be left alone in my wagon. Instead he insisted on trying to coerce me into following him around to do some chores of his.
So of course when he wouldn’t respect me and leave my cabin, I threw him out the window. It was a nice toss left a dent in the ground. Of course behaving like the privileged child he is proceeded to cast some curse upon me that rendered my senses useless for a small amount of time.
Thankfully he left me alone with my thoughts after that. Hopefully next time he’ll pick up on my hints before I have to throw him out on his pompous ass.