Tue 3rd Apr 2018 12:35


by Ashlyn Alarian

I have spent the past few days working with Pin to try and teach her robotic friend morals. The fact that it asks questions that I have to think about myself is a good sign of progress. I’m excited to see what how it decides to lead it’s life.
So we were beset upon by a group of bandits, naught but one deigned to surrender. A young minstrel wiser than all his friends, all but a few were unfortunately slain in combat. The ones who lived were taken to be tried by Vanbrute in his homeland.
As of right now we are parked in very creepy town and I have locked myself in my cabin until we leave this town, I do not trust any place that suppresses any of my powers. No good and just place would suppress my holy powers. Pin taught me a knock I can do upon her door to make the train leave town and wait outside.
I should inquire with pin about getting better locks upon my doors. It’s not that expensive and I would like to know I’m relatively safe in my room. Hopefully soon we will arrive at our destination I’m excited to attend party!