Tue 3rd Apr 2018 12:57


by Ashlyn Alarian

I went out into the slums today to try and help people out and make their lives better.
Turns out royalty is disliked, either that or I’m scarier than I imagine, which could be possible. Only one person even dared approach me, a small fetchling child. I gave her some gold, and thus learned that was a terrible idea. She was immediately mugged, I of course caught the mugger and gave him a good punch, he tried to shank me but my armor was more than sufficient.
After being spat on I decided it was a better idea to leave the people there to their own devices, all except the fetchling child. I convinced her to come on an adventure with me and thus I adopted her. She had no name and no decent clothing so I gave her both. I have named her Midna. Cyne was not pleased that he had more paperwork to do. I hope to teach her the ways of self-defense and the justice of Sarenrae. I’d like to ask pin if she could make something that will allow her to escape if she is captured. I was thinking along the lines of the cape of the montebank.
Mery will be surprised.
I can't wait to see what life she chooses for herself. I will do my best to support her in everything she does.