Mon 25th Mar 2019 10:13


by Ashlyn Alarian

I write this as we rest within the horrid maze that these mages call a library.
I have quickly come to see that those of the Arcane tend to overthink most situations. They see danger and instead of confronting it they think to sneak past it, leaving themselves unaware of what it does out of their sight. I fear without me here to throw myself at the obstacles before us my companions would become rooted to the spot worrying about the trap behind every door. The point of traps are that the one that the trap is laid for must not expect it. I expect a trap at all times and am therefore always prepared. My companions seems surprised by things such as "anti-magic" in a place based on the memories of a mages mind, would not the best weapon against magic be anti-magic? What did they do? Tried to cast magic to avoid it. Aniks at the very least attempted to disarm the traps in a mechanical way, far more sensible. Though them being stumped at every moment where they can't use magic is quite frustrating.
I cannot wait to be out of this maddening place and back in a realm were the foes are more tangible and not some poor saps regrets or memories of earlier in their life, also why must every person we encounter have some horribly tragic event that we have to partake in? Why have we not been absorbed into some plane of existence where I can enjoy an expansive year long vacation in the time it takes someone in our plane to make a cup of tea?
Instead constant hellish wizard puzzles and time passing a thousand times faster outside than inside! I know that the world is troubled and terrible things are happening but why can it not happen a little bit slower so I can help those I love and know instead of having to run around the world helping those I know not and have no pity for, for it seems most of these people get themselves into these terrible situations through ignorance and falling to their own base desires.
How I wish more than anything I could be home helping my people battle those that threaten our homeland. This world-wide chasing of time altering artifacts makes me grow weary.