Sun 6th May 2018 07:38


by Ashlyn Alarian

She said yes! She's crazy.
After our breakfast date, we met up with our companions and the Lady Rosalie de Valois for a light lunch and a fashion show. Me and Mary greatly enjoyed it but Midna was not amused and Kraia was once again reminded that Cyne does not feel deeply enough about her to act upon it. He chooses his family over her, and this hurts her. I can understand, if I had to make that choice it would kill me, or I would try to resolve the situation even if it killed me without me having to choose one over the other. Greedy and self serving I know, but I would choose that. The Lady Rosalie is a delight and I greatly enjoy my conversations with her, it's nice to speak with nobility every-once in awhile.
After we did what I was second on my list of nervous activity for the day, speaking with my Great-Grand Nephew the Emperor.
We were led into a seemingly empty throne room with none but the Emperor upon his throne. He bade us to speak our case. Thusly my companions spoke for themselves and I for myself,

"I am Ashlyn Alarian, chosen of Sarenrae. Shield to those who can not defend themselves. I have naught much else to say."
To which the Emperor smiled and asked "We know not how long you may be gone or if you will return, what does this mean for you and your family?"
"I go happily knowing I may never return and I leave them knowing that they have a home and will never wander and be lost. Knowing this I go to try and save the world and possibly die happily knowing that not all I have done was futile."

It was then the Emperor that smiled and revealed that in the rafters hidden behind an Illusion was a sizable council to whom he asked their judgement, they deemed us worthy and thus we sat down and enjoyed a nice dinner together.