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Megeri Warboats

Megeri Warboats are submersible sea craft pulled by large sea animals, such as whales or giant eels. These crafts are a hollow, egg-shaped container constructed of a mixture of animal bones, woven sea plants, and clays. In more technologically advanced Megeri societies, these can also be made of some metals. In times past, these warboats would be directed to either a warring Megeri tribe, or to a human boat on the surface. Roughly eight to ten Megeri can fit inside on of these vessels, and would jump out and attack when in range of a possible attack.


These crafts are pulled by sea animals, such as; blue whales, gray whales, giant eels, deepwater treaders, and/or giant squids. Additionally, some have been outfitted with a sort of mock telaurium battery that discharges an amount of kinetic energy when broken, giving them a speed boost when necessary.

Weapons & Armament

Each of these crafts are highly customized with spiny barbs, sea creature teeth, and metal spines to cut into boats, tamed enemy sea life, or hostile sea life. Additionally, they are painted with a sort of waterproof "paint" made from animal byproducts, such as grease, blood, or bile.

Armor and defense

Reinforced panels made of clays, metal, or more bones, are outfitted on the interior and exterior of these boats to make them harder to pierce.
Though Megeri refuse to convert their currency into Caleran currency, a rough estimate to purchase one of these crafts would cost you about ~10 Caleran Telaurium coins (Around one thousand USD).
Somewhat rare, given that it takes a long time to craft one of these boats.
38 ft
15 ft
Fully crewed without pulling animals, ~2,000 lbs.
Can reach speeds up to 40 nautical miles per hour, depending on what is pulling it, and how many of that creature are pulling it.
Complement / Crew
One lookout stationed just at the top of the craft.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
8-10 passengers

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