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Ytzklaxoli Culcatin


Man was not meant to fly— yet those strange invaders did just that. From what terrible power have they produced this ability?
— A Rektouzk trader
  Ytzklaxoli Culcatin or, ytzklaxoli wings, are gliders with which the Ytzklaponeu warriors can descend upon their victims.  

On Ytzkla's Breath

Each ytzklaxoli culcatin is around ten feet wide and six feet tall, constructed from light wood and cloth. A central wooden beam lies at the core of its construction— the top of which is often carved and pointed, becoming a deadly weapon should its rider not survive their descent.
  Two wide, downwards-curved arms jut out a few inches below the top of the beam, and from these a widely spaced radial array of smaller beams protrude. These beams only reach halfway down the glider at their longest, and progressively become shorter towards the outer edges— except for the second to last, which is elongated.

A foot from the bottom of the glider, two smaller beams are attached at a downwards angle— these only being about a foot and a half wide each— with their own radial frames.
  Over each of these arms, a light woven cloth— often linen, though the exact textile used depends on what the Ytzklaponeu can scavenge and grow— is cut, woven, and nailed into the frame. The top section is curved, with two sharp points left at the ends of the elongated supports— and the bottom is formed into a diamond shape. The bottom of this is cut, to evoke the image of a snake's tongue.
  Two small holes are cut under the top arms, with the exposed area being wrapped in cloth— acting as handles for riders. Typically, these gliders are dyed yellow, or pale white. Generals or esteemed warriors may have designs or different colors placed onto theirs.  


Using a ytzklaxoli culcatin is simple— and almost useless to anyone but the Ytzklaponeu. As they reside upon the back of a great, monstrous being— they have ample height from which to dive. This, mixed with Ytzkla's powers of manipulation— changing the wind and creating currents for the ytzklaxoli to ride on— enables the soldiers to quickly surround their enemies.
  Simply put, all one needs is a height from which to leap— and favorable winds.
Yih-t-z-klah-sho-lee Kuh-l-k-ah-teen

Attacking from above

Spearing enemies with the pointed tips of the ytzklaxoli culcatin is not the only way soldiers can attack from above.
  In fact— skilled flyers will often carry spears which they will cast down upon the forces below them.
  Some, even, will be equipped with alchemical explosives— wreaking havoc on those below.

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