A horrid rattling, like thunder, shook the heavens. As if an entire city's remains were jostling within the vast stomach of some great and terrible monster. For once, I would soon find myself thankful that I had long since lost my eyes.
— A blind survivor
  Ytzkla. The Pale Lizard. The Great Lizard. Beast. Whatever name is attributed to them, the facts remain— this colossal monster is large enough to house an entire city upon their back. The fanatic nation of Ytzklapon has aided the great beast over centuries in their singlular goal— consuming all of humanity.  


Ytzkla was born into this world as a smaller, somewhat average monster with an incredibly powerful hunger, leading to them eat their mother as soon as they could stand. Doing so allowed them to grow more powerful, and larger in size. However, Ytzkla still hungered. They began to wander, eating small creatures as they crossed paths, until they met Auroul. The first woman, a being from whom Ytzkla could smell a sweet, alluring scent emanating. Ytzkla did not hesitate, and took a bite out of the woman's leg. She kicked the creature off and ran, unused to pain. Ytzkla would never forget the taste, and doubled in size from the meager blood drawn. They had to have it all. Clearly, the creature thought, this had to be Ytzkla's purpose.
Now it was clear, the alluring scent permeated the air and Ytzkla had no trouble tracking the woman— no matter how far she ran. And thus the great chase began. Tiring from her flight, Auroul eventually gave birth to the first of mankind, distilling her own power into them, knowing full well they could not outrun the growing lizard.
  This was her defense. Her great distraction, and shield from the hungering beast. Ytzkla continued to chase her, eating all of mankind passed along the way, growing more powerful with each soul.
  Auroul began to gain distance as humans suffered in Ytzkla's maw. Across continents they would chase— until, eventually, Ytzkla lost Auroul's scent. So they slumbered, waiting for her to show herself once again.


  Mankind flourished in this time, no longer hunted by the beast. A city was eventually built over Ytzkla's hibernating body— and once that sweet, sweet blood permeated the dirt that had accumulated over the sleeping giant— they awoke. A deal was struck, and Ytzklapon was founded— and together they set off in search of Auroul.  


Ytzkla has a wide body with a wide head shaped like an upside-down shovel, with a great maw extending across half of its length. Large, jagged teeth like that of a crocodile protrude around the edges. On each side of this head are three pale-orange eyes. Along Ytzkla's back are hundreds of giant orange-black spines, growing taller towards the center and other branching ridges.
  Their back tapers at their neck, growing wider sharply towards their center, and tapering back towards their tail. Evenly spaced along each side of their torso are three sturdy legs. A long, flat tail is attached to their back and allows the city to transport goods. As Ytzkla consumes more settlements, the people upon their back build more, the skyline of The City of Ytzklapon containing a jumbled mess of various architectural styles and materials. Between their spines, great ropes hang with many colored threads flying in the wind along their length.  

Otherworldly powers

It is clear that Ytzkla is no ordinary monster, resembling no other, and dwarfing all recorded beasts in size. While many powerful monsters posses magical ability Ytzkla's strength is extraordinary. The soldiers of Ytzklapon, descending on Ytzklaxoli culcatin are aided with winds created by the beast, their maw cuts through the earth like it was mere air, soldiers have found strange strength granted to them— and they have been heard to speak in a strange, unknown tongue which is understood by all living beings. What's more, the pale lizard leaves behind no waste— do they posses a stomach of infinite depths?
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Ytzkla was formed from the fallen god— Qetlon's— mouth, giving them possession of ceaseless hunger and great power.
Similar to that of a chameleon, Ytzkla's eyes protrude from the sides of their skull and move independently of one another.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, with orange patterns starting from the center of their head, splitting into two along their shoulders and widening until the middle of the stomach before joining back at the tail— which is completely orange.
1,250 ft
You don't have a scale big enough.
Aligned Organization

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
1 Jun, 2021 07:39

This is really a great story, I love how you've written that, this really read as a myth. The only question I had while reading was about the pact that is formed with the people leaving on the back of the lizard and what the lizard would even get out of it, but that is all answered in the YTZKLAPONEU article that I read just afterwards :D   Is there any people knowing about and possibly worshipping Auroul? She doesn't seem like a good mother, sacrificing her people like that. But then, if people worship the lizard...

Sage Timepool
Garrett Lewis
1 Jun, 2021 19:56

Thank you! I really wanted a story that felt like a myth here, those sorts are always fun to write!  

Is there any people knowing about and possibly worshipping Auroul?
  BOY DO I HAVE AN ENTIRE SET OF ARTICLES FOR YOU. The Beuttep worship her as a god.

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