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Formed from the dead god Qetlon's digestive system, the monsters of Qet are driven by a nigh ceaseless hunger. As Qetlon was still digesting greater powers within themselves upon their death— each monster has inherited a modicum of this power, some more than others. They have evolved to hunt, and consume.  

Unnatural Means

For a monster to reproduce, it must first have consumed humans, monsters, or animals to gain enough energy to do so. Once this energy is collected, the monster can "summon" more of its kind, which are born into maturity. It is not uncommon for the parent to be consumed by the child soon after their creation, as they have yet to have much control over their hunger.
Humans are the best prey. The tastiest prey. The essential prey. While herbivores such as deer, goats, or mice may be easier to hunt down— they simply posses nigh none of the dead god's power within themselves— requiring entire herds to be consumed for a true meal.
Humans— not typically possessing the same magical powers as monsters— are easier to hunt than other monsters, and having come from Qetlon's heart, are much more palatable meals. Of course, monsters still can and do hunt each other, and animals— humanity is just preferable.

Biting Back

Anyone foolish enough to attempt to eat a monster's flesh will find their bodies wracked with pain, nausea, and splitting headaches. The surge of latent magical energies within their bodies is not something human bodies have evolved to process.
  One can, however, distill these properties within alchemy— but this is a dangerous pursuit and can permanently alter one's body.

Eternal reign

A smart, strong monster is able to live forever— and those who gain enough power can evolve themselves into something greater.
  Otherwise, a monster that relinquishes its power to propagate its kind time and time again only opens itself up to death.


Monsters are able to sense magic, the stronger the magic, the farther it can be felt from.


Author's Notes

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Oct 11, 2019 21:33 by Jimmy Shrekson

What if we eat them back?

Oct 11, 2019 21:52 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Right, knew I forgot something! The basics of it is, human bodies are NOT meant to process monster meat— this leads to sickness and even death, in some cases. However— alchemy can distill them into a consumable form, though this form is very potent and will permanently alter the body- with risk of death, again.
  Thanks! I will add a section on that, I'm playing around with the idea of whether I should write out an article on the sickness that comes from eating them or not.

Oct 12, 2019 17:37 by Damion Otter

That would make an interesting condition. Especially if you talk about the consumption of distilled monsters. You could even go so deep as writing a technology about distilling monsters.

Author of Ravare.
Oct 12, 2019 17:52 by Jimmy Shrekson

Altering the body by consuming a non-scientific organism after putting it through scientific processes? Sounds like Sarkic heresy to me. Mekhanite will be displeased... once we bring him back, that is.

Oct 12, 2019 18:19 by Grace Gittel Lewis

I linked the article that already talks about what distillation does at the bottom, and that's alchemy!

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