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Qeplueoytz are powerful, magically gifted monsters which take on the form of humans in order to lure and devour them. They are more cunning than the average monster, and are able to blend in to human societies— growing more and more powerful over the years. Most are solitary, though some have been known to work in packs.  


Qeplueoytz are humanoid, yet they possess hollow, collapsible, and reconfigurable bones. Their arms and legs are telescopic on the inside, their skulls are not solid bone— instead being composed of many smaller bones attached by tissue, and their skin is akin to that of an octopus— with many minuscule sacs of pigment placed throughout their bodies, enabling them to match the skin color— including discolorations and scars— of any specific human.   Under the skin lies hair— ready to be pulled up throughout the body to replicate that of another. Their bones can be reconfigured through their inherent magical ability, with this they adjust their height and facial structures to match that of a previously consumed human— as they must be close to one to learn to mimic them. Due to the hollow, weak nature of their structure— they can seldom win physical fights, and must rely on deception and their magic to catch and kill prey. They devour their prey with a sideways mouth set on their chests— almost as if their ribs were teeth. If one suspects another of being a qeplueoytz, all they need to do is see them shirtless.  
"Take off your shirt. Now."   "I— what? That is incredibly rude of—"   "There's a qeplueoytz in town."
— Visiting friends


Qeplueoytz are intelligent, and can easily mimic any humans they encounter. They plot, and scheme their hunts rather than chomping at the first potential catch to cross their paths— and they often make sure to not devour too many in one place. The covert nature of their methods, combined with this keen intelligence, often allows them to enjoy long lives— a select few even living as long as mankind itself. As monsters naturally grow stronger with each soul they devour, trickling the magic-infused blood of the dead got, Qetlon, into themselves— the older a qeplueoytz becomes, the stronger they will often be.  
As the guards chased after that strange man, the ground shook— but only around us. An earthquake, localized entirely within our corner of the market, caused the stalls around us to collapse— and threw us all against the ground.   By the time the dust had settled, the man was gone— and the guards were left to pick up the pieces.   One appeared taller than before.
— A bewildered merchant
The particular method a qeplueoytz employs to capture their prey differs as wildly as their personalities, one may take the appearance of someone beautiful, get a target drunk or otherwise isolated— and devour them in peace. Another may play the long-con, befriending a target or a group of targets, getting to know them— studying them.   Eventually luring them to a worn-down structure that just so happens to collapse with them inside. It is not uncommon for a qeplueoytz to take the form of their most recent prey, as they learn about their habits and personalities— giving them easy access to those close to the now deceased. They are not often particularly gifted in mimicing voice, however— and with this approach they must have practiced their target's voice a great amount or— more commonly— simply pretend as if something has happened to change or mute it.   One thing is important to note— as they are still beholden to the powerful hunger all monsters are, it takes an incredible force of will for a Qelueoytz to go more than a week without a meal— those who have learned to master their own hunger are especially dangerous.

Habitat & Rest

A qeplueoytz is likely to hunt and live within urban environments— larger cities with a constant influx of fresh meat are ideal.   Their sleep patterns are adjustable, much like that of a human's.  

Blending in

Qelueoytz are able to change their adaptive skin to mimic more than just skin— they are able to mimic their surroundings, as well.   This is not a perfect mimicry, and cannot hold up terribly well when an observer is close to them— but it is enough to hide from a fair distance or at a glance.   This is used in a variety of ways, some simply use it to escape danger— casting off their clothing while being chased and rounding a corner, never to be seen again.   Others use it as another tool to ambush their prey, lying along a dock at night, or flat against an alley wall— striking out at just the right moment.  


Many qeplueoytz are self-centered, focused on their hunts and their intelligence.   As a result, they are particularly reluctant to summon children.   Not to mention, they are often aware of a newly-spawned monsters' likelihood to devour their parent.   This act, too, decreases their power— something that is hard for one to give up once collected. This is an action reserved for only the more dire of situations.   Even then, they hesitate.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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