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Cichetet are vicious six-limbed monsters that hunt in packs to block off small corridors, utilizing their powerful legs allows them to quickly jump after prey and corner them.  


A bony torso— appearing similar to that of a man's— supports their six long limbs. Four of these limbs serve as legs, akin to those a grasshopper might posses— these are situated at each corner of the creature's torso, pointing out at varying angles in an "x" formation. From the top sides of the cichetet's back are two lanky ape-like arms, complete with large, bony hands and opposable thumbs. Their heads are flat-topped extensions from their torsos with four small black eyes on top and a wide mouth filled with shearing teeth stretched over the bottom— curved into what appears to be a twisted smile. Their entire bodies are covered with short grey fur, which is often dirty and mangled.  


Cichetet travel in packs, preferring to hunt within corridors such as canyons or caverns. They typically corner they prey by leaping, either landing in front of or behind them, as their powerful legs allow them to close great distances extraordinarily quickly. Once their long arms are close enough, they will grasp at their prey with their large hands, and upon successfully grabbing them will proceed bash them wildly against the surrounding landscape— and finally consume them once they stop struggling. One can tell when a pack of cichetet is coming by their manic screeches— but by the time they reach one's ears they are likely already in jumping distance.  

An ancient rumor

Cichetet are difficult to discourage and will continue to fight no matter how injured they become. The Lliaqeu legend of Tuke sees the hero faced against an undying cichetet that, even with its head and limbs severed, writhes on the ground after him— and stabs the man with its shattered vertebrae in his sleep. Lliaqeu are especially cautious when facing the beasts, and will always burn the bodies to ensure that they cannot come back.

Habitat & rest

Cichetet primarily hunt within deserts and canyons as their tactics are best suited here.   There are some varieties that stalk forests and plains, however, making use of their incredible speed.   They are diurnal and will sleep in the shade of cliffs, large boulders, or other overhangs.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
8'— 10' if one counts the top of their elbows.
Average Weight
Average Length


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