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Cultly are small ambushing monsters that cling to stalactites.  


The body of a cultly is relatively flat, and small— they are only typically one to two square feet in size. They resemble starfish, but with four limbs. Their rough, mottled grey skin resembles the rock they cling to. Each of their limbs is lined with sharp, bony claws that enable them to stick to the rock. These claws can be used to strip the meat from prey, and place it into their soft mouths at the center of their bodies.  


Cultly eat both man and monster, they aren't terribly picky. Once prey is detected beneath them, they will extend their claws and cause them to vibrate— weakening the stone’s hold on the cave roof before using their innate magical ability to finally pull it free with extra momentum— impaling their targets.

Habitat & Rest

Cultly live in caves, as their method of attack would be useless elsewhere. They do not sleep, always ready for a passing meal.
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Aug 23, 2022 23:44 by Domenick DeMaria

This is a cool little monstery creature. I wonder if they have a favorite prey item or something that preys upon them.

Aug 24, 2022 01:21 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thanks! They are hunted by the Beuttep people as their teeth can be particularly useful for certain alchemical potions, and I think Bneuptt may hunt them as well? Either way, info on that will very much be here whenever I get to the rewrite!

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