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Heutoue are tough creatures which burrow into the ground, destabilize it with magic, and wait for prey to fall into their traps with maws wide open. Their strong teeth allow them to burrow even into stone.   


Heutoue possess barrel-like grey scale-covered bodies with two mouths. One, on the bottom with five sharp, tough teeth— each attached to its own muscle— is used to drill into the ground. The second quad-mandibled mouth is exposed on top.  


Once embedded into the ground, a heutoue will use its magical abilities to send localized earthquakes into the rock around it numerous times, weakening it to the point where it eventually collapses into a sinkhole around it. (It takes considerable power to do this, so a heutoue cannot do this constantly— only once it has caught significant prey.)   Prey that find themselves caught in this sinkhole— human, monster, or otherwise— will be assaulted with rocks tossed by the heutoue, speeding their descent towards its waiting maw. Heutoue can sense tremors in the ground— allowing them to ascertain the direction in which prey is struggling to crawl out of and quickly react.

Habitat & Rest

Heutoue tend to live in clear areas where prey may fall— such as mountain passes, caves, trails— they can be encountered just about anywhere.   They will rest after burrowing into the ground, before creating a sinkhole. Once situated, they will rest periodically between meals.
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