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Amphibious monsters that hide most of the way under water, leaving only tall green hairs to poke above— giving the false appearance of an innocuous reed. A trap for the unobservant— and unlucky— traveller.


Holcho bodies are somewhat thin, and covered in deep blue-green scales that let them blend better under the water. They have two short and stocky webbed feet towards their backs, and two larger cupped and webbed limbs towards their centers— followed by a thin tail with a fin running along its end. Their legs allow them to chase prey on land for a short distance, eat in peace, or escape danger if need be. Their mouths, lined with sharp, jagged teeth, are staggered somewhat, with their top jaw extending well above the bottom so as to breach the surface, and display the reed-like hairs at its end.
  Their mandibles, which sprout from the very ends of their mouths, can open at extremely wide angles— so far as to be able to lie flat against the creature's sides so that prey have less chances of spotting them from the water's surface. In fact, their skeletal structures leave grooves for their mandibles to lie in while they wait for prey. The mandibles themselves can be up to two feet wide each— allowing holcho to easily catch prey much larger than themselves. These are powerful enough to break bone and potentially boats, but not sever prey.


Holcho hunt humans, and will often place themselves in the way of boats, with only their hair breaching the surface. Once prey try to move by the frond— two long hooked mandibles close on them from underneath the water and pull them under. Here they either drown, are immediately eaten— or escape. In cases where one escapes, they will quickly discover the innate magical ability of the holcho— current manipulation. While they may be sightless they possess an uncanny ability to "see" via these currents, on top of the innate sixth-sense present in all monsters. This makes prey flailing about underwater especially easy to locate.
  After their prey finally stops moving, holcho start to tear them into smaller pieces that can fit into their mouths. They will do this either along the riverbed, or drag the bodies to the shore if they feel threatened.
  Their ability is not only utilized once prey is underwater, but it is also used to slightly pull boats towards a their waiting maws. They are a particularly common danger along the Cipou River and most boats will have a spearman at their helm, who will make certain to stab any reeds in their way— just in case.

Habitat & Rest

Holcho inhabit rivers, lakes, swamps, marshes, and on occasion— shallower waters within oceans.   Like sharks, they do not sleep— only part of their brains do, allowing them to always be prepared to attack prey that stumble into their traps.  

A spiteful spirit

The Hontualieu believe holcho to be spirits of trickery.   It is believed that if one were to tie a knot from holcho hair interwoven with reeds and hang it at the entrance to their home— that they will be protected from tricks and lies when inside.
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