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I told my brother to quit making that sound— that buzzing. He shook his head and the smile fell from his face. We both turned, cautiously, towards the noise— to find a horrid swarm of gnashing teeth and wings fast approaching.
— A witness
  Small, yet deadly in number, ezytlichou are small bat-sized flying monsters that hunt in swarms and nest in troublesome areas.

Extra Info

Parent Species
Warm to temperate climates
Carnivore, Humanity
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length


Each ezytlichou has a small, slender body about the size of a fist coated with pale-blue scales and sparse, short brown hair. They appear almost like flying fish, with a tapered back and wide head. Though, their head is horizontal unlike the vertical heads of most fish. Along the entire length of the front of the head lies a sharp-toothed mouth.   A set of four pale-orange beetle-like wings sprout from just below where the head meets their body. Their bright colors are their only mercy, serving as an early warning sign for any unlucky enough to spot a swarm.  
The sun shined off their blue scales— enough to reflect off the wall before me, giving me just enough time to flee.
— A lucky man


As monsters, ezytlichou hunger for the energy contained within the flesh of humanity. Weak individually, they form swarms that can overrun their prey with a horrid gnashing of teeth and beating of wings. A single swarm can contain anywhere from twenty to one-hundred singular creatures. They attack prey from above, and begin to devour them regardless of whether they are dead or alive.  

A dangerous nuisance

Ezytlichou produce pale orange wasp-like nests whereever is convenient for them, be that under a tree, in the middle of a trail— or inside someone's home. These cases are particularly distressing for residents, should they survive, and it is quite difficult to combat the creatures within confied spaces. Those who attempt to run in and kill the pests with spears, swords, or blunt objects seldom survive the attempt— unless they are well armored. Instead, most choose to weaponize fire or alchemical grenades to remove the threat— even if it costs them their home.

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