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Shulhoa (Dream Worm)


Shulhoa are horrifying eldritch beings, who, according to the few who have managed to recall encounters with them, pass through and alter their very dreams.  


A shulhoa's core is a floating string of ears which vary in shape, size, and coloration. These ears appear to be those of various human races throughout Qet— though there are some strange, unknowns in the mix, as well. Small transparent fins attach to these ears at seemingly random angles and intervals. These fins are uniform in shape and size, all being almost rectangular in shape with two curved grooves at their ends. Fully measured, most shulhoa are around 8"-1' long.   A faint purple glow emanates along the full width of their bodies. They move silently, snaking through the air as their fins move only with the breeze— as if something unseen was propelling them through the air.  


Shulhoa eat dreams— passing through the ears or noses of their victims as they sleep. They will remain inside the victim's head, gorging themselves for a while, before exiting out the oppoite ear or the nose. If threatened— shulhoa will retreat within someone, and begin regurgitating pieces of the dreams they have accumulated. This distorts the victim's reality, as images, sounds, and even feelings from these dreams become as real as the ground beneath them. Effectively controlling their minds.   If their host is killed, or there are no suitable hosts— shulhoa will let out a horrid high-pitched screech in defense— or worse, bring nightmares to the forefront of everyone’s minds within a certain radius.


Shulhoa are birthed, or otherwise connected to the material plane through the dreams of lunatics.   Perhaps the shulhoa are not summoned in this way, but use these unfortunate souls as gateways into our reality, leaving behind crazed husks.  
She speaks to me! She speaks to me in blue!   Listen! Listen! Can you not hear it?   The stars are alive, and they are singing.
— Lunatic
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Sage Dylonishere123
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OOOOOOO quick one here. Reading through this one was awesome as always but i wanted to comment on their creation above all. Thats a cool way for these guys to come into reality and im loving it more and more as i think about it. well done!

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