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Tuezyloytz are seldom seen monsters, as they refract light through a combination of magic and materials throughout their bodies to create the illusion of an oasis, or town— mirages.  


Tuezyloytz are large creatues, supported by four short, stubby legs. They are covered in short sand colored fur which allows them to better blend into the desert environments in which they live. Along the tortoise-shelled backs of their bodies grow large spines of refractive crystals through which they can channel their magical abilities to manipulate light. Hidden under a bump in their shells are their short, squashed heads.   A series of three eyes peek from underneath, and their wide mouths run along the top. Long stinger-tipped tails akin to that of a scorpion snakes from their backs, and easily moves to meet prey.  


Tuezyloytz hunt in deserts, where little but sand lies for miles around. Here, desperate travellers are easy to lure with tricks of the light. Using their inherent magics, tuezyloytz can cast various lights through the crystals on their backs and create mirages.   Anything from simple oases, to entire towns can be cast by their light, always in the distance. These images appear to be heat-distorted, though, in truth— they are unable to project clear images. Once their prey approaches close enough for the illusion to fade— they are quickly dispatched with the tuezyloytz's scorpion-like tail— poisoning the unfortunate catch. In the deserts, where tuezyloytz typically resides, their prey cannot escape before they succumb to the vile venom. While they may not be able to chase after their prey, they need only wait for the venom to do its work.  

Glass cities

Hontualieu myth speaks of "glass cities"— grand settlements which appear only in the middle of the deserts which surround their homeland. According to their myths, these cities house wise elders who have learned to live without need for food or water— and even defy death. They have mastered their bodies and become attuned perfectly with the land around them, and the land has blessed them by opening the gates of its cities. Only those who achieve the same may one day reach one of these grand cities.

Habitat & Rest

Tuezyloytz live in deserts, where their mirages are not only more enticing— but less out of place.   There are a few rare instances of them appearing along mountainsides or along coasts.   Supposedly there is a variant that stalks the open seas, sending entire ships to their doom.   They are diurnal, and during the night will bury themselves in sand to sleep undisturbed.
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