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Llibtell are monsters uniquely adapted to hunt outsiders venturing within Tchaoxlik.


Llibtell are covered in pale-blue reflective scales which easily blind those who carry sources of light— as the various monsters, fauna, and the Beuttep who dwell within the darkness navigate by sound, this is only effective against outsiders. It's believed that llibtell were originally suited to hunting those who populated the long-past civilzations whose ruins can be found within the depths— or had perhaps become trapped within the caverns some centuries ago.
  Llibttell stand around two feet tall, and can be up to five feet long. Their four cat-like legs allow them to quietly sneak around prey, and given their long, slender bodies, they move almost like snakes— wobbling side to side as they so. Their tails are held high, and typically rest pointed forward, arched above their backs— ready to strike at any moment. The back half of the tail consists of a long, thin, sharp pointed bone which is used to kill prey. These tails can be almost as long as their bodies, which makes resting them arched over their backs somewhat more comfortable as opposed to dragging them along.
  Their heads are long and flat, with one small black eye on the top— just enough to be able to sense light, but not enough to make out shape, depth, or color. Instead, they rely primarily on the innate sixth-sense all monsters possess, smell and hearing to track prey. Their limited sight simply allows them to be more selective about what they target. Their noses rest on the tops of their heads, just below their small eyes. Sharp, tiny teeth line their 'W' shaped jaws, and enable them to chew up the soft insides of their human prey.


When light-wielding prey is found, a llibtell will straighten out its body and wiggle from side to side to reflect as much light as possible. Once blinded, their prey is quickly finished off with the llibtell's sickle-like tail. It is believed that they are capable of brightening any light that touches their scales with their inherent magics— though this is difficult to prove.


Despite primarily being ambush predators, llibtell are quite deadly in combat against those without light as well. Their nigh endless hunger often leads them to the borders of Beuttep settlements, where it can sometimes take two Bneull— Beuttep hunting parties— to fell the beast. They are particularly troublesome for the Tollouchi excavating at the norther edge of Tchaoxlik, and more so for the displaced Lliaqeu refugees in the west.

A useful harvest

The reflective hides of the llibtell have been adopted by many Beuttep as means with which to defend and fight against the light-bearing strangers that have begun to explore the depths. Their sharp, pointed tails, too have been utilized as weaponry and trophies as well. Tollouchi guards and mercenaries stationed in Tchaoxlik have discovered this use as well, becoming quite fond of their form— some taking it back to the surface and having metal replicas fashioned for them.

Habitat & Rest

Llibtell are found only in dark, underground locales— so far, only in Tchaxlik. They are somewhat solitary creatures, though small packs are not entirely uncommon. Like many underground species, they will sleep intermittently whenever they feel it is safe to do so.
Genetic Ancestor(s)

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