Llibttell Hides


A man came to meet me in my cell, I squinted in the dim light as the clothes on his back seemed to shimmer brightly.
— A Rektouzk trader
  The hides of the Llibttell are incredibly reflective— seemingly increasing the luminosity of any light that touches it.  

Brightness From the Dark

Llibttell are monsters which live exclusively within the cold, dark depths of Tchaoxlik. There, they have evolved to hunt and kill creatures not native to the caves— those who possess eyesight. Of course, they do not exclusively hunt outsiders.
  Bneull— Beuttepeun hunting parties— will track and kill them to protect themselves, and to procure their hides.
  Once skinned and cleaned, these hides are left to dry, and are treated in vats containing an alchemical concoction utilizing llibttell blood. This is different from the standard leather processing used for other hides by the Beuttepeun— in the fact that it not only uses a modified brew, but in that it also takes significantly less time. Rather than weeks or months, it mere takes days to process llibttell hides.

Properties & Uses

Llibttell hides are covered in many thin pale-blue scales, with messy blotches of pale white coloring throughout. It is these scales, specifically, where the reflective properties of the skin comes from— one could almost see themselves reflected in them.
  There are a number of ways the hides are worn, the Beuttepeun use them to combat the strange foreigners who— unlike themselves— have eyes, and require light to navigate the dark caverns in which the Beuttepeun reside. Should issues arise— and they often do— they simply need to flash the hides to temporarily blind the enemy— allowing themselves to run away, or deliver a lethal blow against them.  


The hide is only lightly trimmed around the edges, and two simple leather straps added underneath. One strap goes over the shoulder, and the other goes over the lower arm.
  The hide merely drapes over the arm. The Beuttepeun are unaccustomed to clothing, and as such, wearing full articles is often uncomfortable and only done sparingly.


This is commonly seen when Beuttepeun venture close to settlements of Llib Tettareb and expect to be in danger.
  Hides will be cut and sewn into simple basic hooded cloaks, which fasten around the neck with a button made from a llibttell tooth. With this, the wearer is given a brief opportunity to flee or fight should they be caught unaware.


Kept as somewhat "covert" safety precautions, or for ambushing. The hide is cut short and at an angle, with three leather straps attached.
  One strap reaches around the wearer's torso, another around the shoulder, and the other loops around their upper arm— right above the elbow. This enables one to quickly open their arms for a quick surprising flash of light.

Seen by new eyes

As Pottott has recently begun trading with Rektouzk, llibttell hides have seen recent use above ground in jewelry and belts.
  Artisans from Romtol, too, have been eager to work with the material— and militaries are curious to see what applications it may posses in the field.

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