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The pale creature held out its hand, within it, was a beautiful gemstone. It spoke in a tongue I did not understand, gesturing at the purse at my side. Did they wish to trade?
— A Rektouzk trader
  Pottott is a fairly young nation, which isn't officially recognized by the government of Tteunor, which it split from. The current civil war seeks to earn their independence. As they are merely a recent development, they are still fairly similar to their parent nation. Things such as architecture, history, military, and agriculture are nigh identical to that of Tteunor, and as such will not be covered herein. The primary difference between Pottott and Tteunor is that they seek to shed themselves of the Auroullrob faith— and their society is adapting to this change.  

On their own

Within the past year, a massive schism has occurred within the subterranean country of Tteunor. Peub Neubo, of the nation's Council of Mothers had heard their deific leader Auroul discussing terrible plans which would lead to the destruction of their race with another councilmember in private. A great evil, she heard, was fast approaching. Something great and terrible which had chased their beloved Auroul, their All-Mother, across the world. This being wanted nothing more than to devour her— and it was closing in on the caverns which they called home.

  The plan was simple. Use the Tteunorians as a shield. A great festival would be held within the capital of Onett, inviting Tteunorians from throughout the nation to celebrate. The ravenous devil wouldn't be able to resist the meal, and as it devoured the innocent people along with the city— Auroul would escape once again. Afterwards, the vast caverns would be sealed off— trapping the evil beast and allowing the All-Mother to finally, truly, live in peace. The councilmember was in complete agreement, perhaps so devout in her worship of Auroul that her life mattered not, or perhaps believing that she would escape with Auroul.

  Whatever the reasoning behind it, Peub couldn't believe that her All-Mother had so little care for her children— and left in anger. She soon brought a a handful of other councilmembers to her side, and together they revealed the terrible news to the whole of the nation. Soon debate struck out in every household. Those who believed strongly in the old ways, and in their All-Mother, were ready and willing to die. Others— especially younger Tteunorians— began to question their long-held beliefs.

  Eventually, Peub declared the city of Nott— which she had presided over for years by that time— and the surrounding settlements to be the new nation of Pottott. The name coming from the Auroullott potto, meaning "children," and ttott, meaning "no more." With this split, a civil war has broken out as Pottott fights for its independence— both with Tteunor, and its own dissenting citizens.  
Our All-Mother has betrayed us, and we must grow— no longer as children— but as adults. Without her.
— Peub Neubo

Transferring power

Unsurprisingly, the councilmembers presiding over the lands which Pottott claimed weren't keen on stepping down. While Peub Neubo had control over the new capital of Nott— other settlements, and the smaller groups within, resisted the transition. Altercations soon led to violence— and eventually, those who refused to join them, fled to Tteunor or died fighting.  

Governing structure

Pottott is ruled by a council of its ten eldest citizens, both women and men. Though, as Peub Neubo is credited with leading the country to its inception, she holds extra weight within the council. Below them are smaller councils of five, comprised of the most accomplished hunters— determined by how many hunts they have returned from alive.  

Breaking barriers

Pottot, in line with their desire to stray from their previous faith and culture, has opened trade with Rektouzk through the caverns of Chluetichlon Polt to the east. This has connected Rektouzk with the subterranean nation's unique potions, and ingredients— and given Pottott a potential ally in the war. If Pottott were to lose, Rektouzk would no longer have access to their unique trade goods.


Still transitioning from the ways of Tteunor, most of the men are less educated than the women.

Ttelleb hett routtoll! (The beasts will fall!)

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Purple Clickers
Training Level
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Major Exports
The fettep mushroom, Hides, bones, organs— and potions— made from the monsters hunted within Tchaoxlik.
Major Imports
Gold and gems mined within Chluetichlon Polt— being powerful ingredients for alchemy.
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities


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