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Auroul: The Mother


Listen closely, my child. Your purpose is to further my goals— protect my life. Yours is only secondary, a shield, a net— a stone thrown against that horrid beast. Nothing more. I know you wish to rebel, and I must warn you that you will not win the coming war.
— Auroul, speaking to Peub Neubo
  The first human being. Formed from the mysterious fallen god Qetlon's womb— she is undying. Perpetually pregnant, she wanders the world— giving birth to new races of humans as a shield against the pursuing Ytzkla.  

A Life Without Pain

One day, she was not— and the next, she was. Sometime around 500 e2, Auroul found herself awakened in a warm coastal cavern, from which she slowly emerged and learned over the coming weeks and months of what life offered. She experienced nothing but excitement and joy at this new experience, marveling at all the wondrous things that filled this world. Until she first felt pain. The newborn Ytzkla had bit her leg, the ravenous beast wished to devour her whole. She quickly kicked the creature away and ran— but the honey-sweet power within her blood had nearly sated Ytzkla's endless hunger.
  And thus began the hunt. Ytzkla found that they could sense when Auroul was near— and pursued her tirelessly. Nothing Auroul did was able to deter the hungering beast, and she grew desperate— wanting to avoid feeling pain ever again. And so, she gave birth to the first humans.
  Sharing a modicum of her blood and power, these humans bore a similar scent to Auroul— tricking the beast into slowing its pursuit, unable to ignore the morsels. But these humans were weak, and only stopped Ytzkla for as long as it took the pale lizard to devour them— growing in size and strength with each soul that fell into their maw.
  The hunt continued until they crossed the sea, and began anew on another continent, then another— eventually travelling across the entire world. Everywhere they went Auroul left behind more humans to slow down Ytzkla's pursuit, suffering, dying en mass as entire fledgling civilizations disappeared into the great lizard's maw.
  Until eventually the beast could no longer detect her presence— and went into a great slumber, awaiting the day they could pick up the mother's trail once more.

  During this time, humanity flourished, and their civilizations rose to great heights. Auroul spent much of this time interacting with her children, teaching and guiding them, trying to ensure that should Ytzkla return— she would be well protected. Around 300 e4 she hatched a plan for what would be her final defense, and descended into the depths of Tchaoxlik alone. It was here, in the darkness, that she gave birth to the Beuttep and guided them through the founding of Tteunor as their beloved All-Mother.
  Should Ytzkla come for her again, they would have to fit through caverns impossibly smaller than themselves, and face Auroul's own army— giving her just enough time to escape and seal the great caverns. Ending the hunt once and for all. Finally, allowing her to live in peace.    


Auroul's appearance is constantly changing, every culture that has kept her legend alive in some form has depicted her with wildly different features— even if they originally met mere days apart. All of the "baseline" physical traits that can be present in humans can be seen in her.
  Long hair, short hair, dark skin, light skin, lithe, stocky, short, tall— everything. She is always taller than those around her. These differences in her appearance have led to arguments between religious groups and the founding of new beliefs.  

Power from within

Auroul possess incredible regenerative abilities and eerily strong skin. While it is rare for her to find herself in battle, no mortal men have managed to do so much as scratch her. She is able to change her form at will, and while she has only been seen in human shapes, some believe that she can transform into any combination of living beings.
  Last, but not least, is her ability to transfer her own power into creatures and objects alike. This allows her to bolster fortresses, create legendary weapons, and imbue chosen warriors with some of her strength.
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Auroul was formed from the fallen god— Qetlon's— womb, giving her nigh endless pregnancy, and powerful abilities.
Kaleidoscopic, full of swirling color.
Like her skin— this changes. Frilly and orange by one account, long, straight and black by another.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Accounts differ— some say brown as the the earth, others, pale as the moon, and everything in between. Perhaps, she is all of these at once.

Rapid Evolution

When born from Auroul, humans rapidly change their physiology to that which may best suit their environment.
  From the wide red-eyed, amphibious Linnh to the pale large-eared, blind Beuttep— humans are an incredibly variant species.   With this, Qet sees a diverse range of races that, while wildly different in appearance— are all still human at their core.

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Oct 27, 2019 03:08 by R. Dylon Elder

Ok so as promised, i love the general lack of care this goddess gives her people. Humans are essentially cannon fodder and its such a unique idea that sticks to the inspirational sources well. It almost starts as a classic native american origin story only to spin in those dark and twisted ideas common in mesoamerican mythology. loved it and all because she got a little bite. Its something i wonder here, does she or the one who hunts her know that their is nothing that can do her true harm? i mean can Ytzkla's kill her with such power of regen? I picture the end of the world scenario being a series of confused and horrified looks, or it just nibbles a bit and ends in a stalemate with the beast satisfied and the goddess a little bruised. XD all joking aside, shes a very well done deity and im blown away by the detail and creativity that goes into it.

Oct 27, 2019 06:26 by Grace Gittel Lewis

The detail of Ytzkla being the first to cause her pain heavily implies that Ytzkla is one of the very few things that can injure her! Both are created from whole pieces of Qetlon's body (whereas humanity is diluted from their heart), and as such, both posses immense power.
  It wouldn't be the end of the world if she died— just the end of new human races outside of evolution, and other outside forces. I don't want to do a generic end of the world scenario for my campaign! That said I actually haven't sat and contemplated what happens to the energies within an aspect if they die...just the political implications. I will write a note on that.
  Thanks! Glad she's worked out well, she was one of the first few characters— and the first magical one— that I came up with when I started on Qet, this article was a long time coming!

Jun 1, 2021 07:48 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Great article :D I also really love how she is ready to sacrifice all of her children to ensure her own survival.

Jun 1, 2021 19:51 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thank you! Yeah, she's not the most loving of mothers haha.

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