Peub Neubo

Our All-Mother has betrayed us, and we must grow— no longer as children— but as adults. Without her.
— Peub Neubo
  The de-facto leader of the newly split nation of Pottott, Peub Neubo's discovery of Auroull's plans and utter coldness towards her children lead directly to the great schism that created the nation of Pottott, and the currently ongoing civil war between it and its mother country of Tteunor.

A History of Caring

Ever since she was a little girl, Peub has cared greatly for others. Once, a wounded zykeutuezyl wandered along her path, and she took it home— nursing it back to health over a period of months.
  Throughout her life she has born 33 children— landing her a spot on the Council of Mothers. From there she became the leader of the city Nott— which would later become the capital of Pottot.
  On the council she fought for the rights of Tteunor's citizens, making a great effort to increase transparency between the council and the general populace. She tried to increase the sizes of bneull, and supply more weaponry to them. This was met with much resistance, however, as honor, tradition, and pride rode on the composition of the groups. In the end she was only able to add a second holl to the hunting parties.  

A bold lie

While venturing to the council halls one day, Peub had heard their deific leader Auroul discussing terrible plans which would lead to the destruction of their race with another councilmember in private. A great evil, she heard, was fast approaching. Something great and terrible which had chased their beloved Auroul, their All-Mother, across the world. This being wanted nothing more than to devour her— and it was closing in on the caverns which they called home.
  The plan was simple. Use the Tteunorians as a shield. A great festival would be held within the capital of Onett, inviting Tteunorians from throughout the nation to celebrate. The ravenous devil wouldn't be able to resist the meal, and as it devoured the innocent people along with the city— Auroul would escape once again.
  Afterwards, the vast caverns would be sealed off— trapping the evil beast and allowing the All-Mother to finally, truly, live in peace. The councilmember was in complete agreement, perhaps so devout in her worship of Auroul that her life mattered not, or perhaps believing that she would escape with Auroul.
  Whatever the reasoning behind it, Peub couldn't believe that her All-Mother had so little care for her children— and left in anger. She soon brought a handful of other councilmembers to her side, and together they revealed the terrible news to the whole of the nation. Soon debate struck out in every household. Those who believed strongly in the old ways, and in their All-Mother, were ready and willing to die. Others— especially younger Tteunorians— began to question their long-held beliefs.
  Eventually, Peub declared the city of Nott— which she had presided over for years by that time— and the surrounding settlements to be the new nation of Pottott. The name coming from the Auroullott potto, meaning children, and ttott, meaning no more. With this split, a civil war has broken out as Pottott fights for its independence— both with Tteunor, and its own dissenting citizens.    


Peub is somewhat short for a Beuttepeun, though this has had little to no bearing on her public perception. Her face is sharp, and angular, with a pointed chin. She has long since forgone the traditional council clothing, and has established a new, more approachable, standard for the leaders of Pottot.
  To give councilmembers a more average appearance, their uniforms are simple— just a woven wreath of moss around the head, and two woven arm bands.
Poo-b Noo-b-oh
Current Location
Year of Birth
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Aligned Organization

A respectable family

A number of Peub's children have gone on to make names for themselves, as well.
  Three of her daughters are respected generals, with one— Llen Neubo— even set in charge of the great fort of Renett.
  Unfortunately, her loyalty lies with Tteunor— and she stands as one of Pottot's greatest obstacles.
  A number of her sons work as members of bneull— and five thus far have perished during hunts.
  Others work menial jobs, and only one has risen to become the manager of his own storefront.

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That was cool, but 33 children are just too many unless a good amount of those pregnancies were of twins and triplets. No matter how much her people value pregnancy. However, if we set that aside, I would want a bit of info on all of those kids. How many of them lived to adulthood? Did any of them reach greatness like their mother?   I really liked the story, she sounds like a very interesting leader.

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Their biology is different than that of the "standard" human. Among a lack of eyes, and larger ears— they are quite literally imbued with an aspect of a dead god's womb.

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Yeah, I figured maybe there was something funky going on, but you never know :P   Cool, looking forward to reading about them later on.

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