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I was given a small iron cage, the small lizard inside cowered as I put my face up to it. "Simply amazing." I said, in awe of the bright light emanating from its stomach.
— A Rektouzk Trader
  Zykeutuezyl are small lizards that are used by people living and venturing through Tchaoxlik to keep the darkness at bay.  


Zykeutuezyl are around the size of iguanas, with somewhat flat, wide heads. Their scales are typically a pale-green with dark blue underbellies— blending with the top by dissipating into dots where the two meet.
  Their feet are similar to that of a gecko, allowing them to eat their preferred prey— the glowworms present within so much of Tchaoxlik. Their stomachs protrude significantly, so much so that one can't help but wonder how the things are able to climb so nimbly with their stomachs dragging along the ground.    


A zykeutuezyl needs to eat glowworms, as cold-blooded creatures living underground, they cannot bask in the sun. Instead, they have evolved so that when they digest these glowworms— the chemicals that produce a faint glow for the worms mix with the lizard's stomach acids to provide heat. There is a side effect, however— a bright light emanates from their stomach as they digest their meals.  

A Light in the darkness

Humans, stumbling in the dark of Tchaoxlik, discovered the Zykeutuezyl fairly quickly as a more efficient light source for long travels than torches. As the different cultures venturing into the depths are doing so from different entrances throughout the continent of Rqet, they each wield the lizards differently.
  • Hontualieu hold them close to their hearts— on small, linen hammocks worn like a necklace, tied around the back with the lizard hanging over the chest.
  • Lliaqeu simply place them on their shoulders.
  • Coulqepluex keep them in small cages, attached to their belts.
  • Tollouchi hold them gently in their hands.
Two may sometimes be kept, fed alternately, to avoid overfeeding.

Habitat & Rest

Zykeutuezyl are native to the deep caverns of Tchaoxlik, and rest only part of their brains at a time— effectively never sleeping.
18 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
6 lbs.
Average Length

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Oct 6, 2019 09:18

As usual, what a lovely article! And what an interesting creature!   I thought it was a tad weird that the animals are worn as necklaces by some people. I mean, an iguana is big. Carrying that around your neck all day cannot be comfortable.

Oct 6, 2019 17:42 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thanks! I've had pet iguanas before, and it isn't that bad— they don't weigh terribly much. I should clarify that Zykeutuezyl absolutely are not as LONG as iguanas get— I'll adjust the size stuff. That said the positioning for them is more of having their light actually able to guide their way, not for comfort.

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