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Tchaoxlik Refugee Camp


Slipshod shelters are strewn about, children cry for parents who are either gone, or missing. We are at our wits end— stumbling blindly in the dark for hope.
— Macu
  Following the destruction of Kleu, those with the luck and speed with which to escape did so by running deep into the mazelike mines dug into the town's red cliffs.  

The Rumoured Cavern

Macu had long spoken of a vast cavern which connected to the mines to those who would listen, and, with Ytzklaponeu soldiers fast on their heels— the desperate villagers had no choice but to make a mad dash for the rumoured place. Some doubted the choice, but soon after they fled into the mines the ground shook, and the mineshaft behind them collapsed. Leaving them no choice but to push forward. In time, they reached the cavern, and wandered by a small lake. Here, they decided, they could finally rest.
  Armed with only the sparse supplies they were able to carry— and what lay in the section of the mines accessible to them— there was little in the way of infrastructure that could be assembled. Some were bold enough to pry supporting beams from the walls of the mineshafts for use both as construction material— and as fuel for fires. Others used loose stones, or limestone formations, to prop blankets and other linen above their heads to keep the steadily dripping water off themselves. Many, however, go without shelter, and sleep along the cold stone floor.  
Macu has become the de facto leader of the small band, whether or not Kleu's leader Zilocalca is still alive is unknown. What Macu and the other survivors do know, however, is that their supplies cannot last forever. Even if the mosses and lichens which grow alongside the lake are edible— their sources of light are finite.
  Even more worrying, is the thought that they will need to move, eventually— as they know not whether the Ytzklaponeu would give up their targets so easily. Some survivors speak of whispers and strange things in the dark— the children uncharacteristically refrain from wandering too far, speaking in fear of ethereal beings— and tension is high for all.
  Surely, there must be others out there. Surely, there is an escape from the cold, damp darkness encroaching upon them as supplies dwindle?
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M-mother? Is that you? Are you there? H-how did you find us down here? I can't believe it's really you! I-I can't....
— A child refugee speaking to her doll

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