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I don't remember anything before my accident, and something deep inside my soul tells me it is best that way.
— Macu
  Macu is the foreman of the Kleu mines, and well liked by the villagers, especially his fellow miners. He keeps a friendly demeanor, despite wearing a tired face most of the time. He will take his time to help anyone who needs it— and others will help him in the process. In fact, the villagers prefer to go to him with their problems instead of their TichteuZilocalca, or the guards hired by him.

Extra Info

Male (He/Him)
Tall, strong, twisted scar in place of his right arm with a rune reading "forget," tired look plastered on his face.
Tired, slow, plodding
Macu often places his hand on the shoulder of whoever he's speaking with.


Macu was born and raised in Kleu, he was a friendly and extroverted boy who eventually fell in love with a woman by the name of...of what, exactly? Some of the village's older population swear he had married, but none can find a clear memory of this. Perhaps everyone had confused him with a character from a story? Clearly they must have, Macu mostly kept to himself, wearing a grimace and smelling of alcohol at all hours of the day.   Strange, unnatural reverberating rhythms could be heard from his home in the late hours of the night, which frightened away animals and humans alike. It wasn't long until terrible rumors had spread of witchcraft and forbidden rituals performed by the recluse. He passed it off as simple prayer, yet this did not convince most of Kleu's population.   Then one day he lost an arm within the mines— it's unknown how, exactly, as no one else around at the time saw it happen— and he can't remember anything before the accident. Since then, he practically became a different man. The strange sounds had stopped, and Macu began aiding anyone who needed help, smiling and laughing with anyone who would lend an ear, and taking special care to memorize the names of the entire village. No, that can't be right! How had Macu changed from before? Rituals? No one remembers anything of the sort— Macu had always been a kindhearted man!   As the helpful figure he truly is, many jokingly refer to Macu as "Tichmacu"— as he has won the hearts of Kleu where Zilocalca has not. Some even talk of usurping the fattened veteran and putting Macu in his position, instead.  

Forbidden Rumours

Macu makes little to no effort to cover his missing arm, keeping it exposed almost as a point of pride. The scar tissue on his right shoulder has healed and twisted to look almost like writing by some accounts.
His arm, his arm! Can none of you read? Can none of you read?! In that forbidden, horrid tongue, it says "FORGET EVERYTHING." It says...what?
— A raving lunatic
None have proven this however, and the villagers would advise that one not look closely at the wounded tissue, yet none know why.

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