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Those depths threaten to swallow even the wise whole. Strange, ferocious monsters prey on travellers. Eyeless savages lurk and attack the moment you're found, and that palpable dark...
It becomes so unfathomably deep that you may believe yourself able to see again. By then it's already too late.
— A Lliaqeu soldier's warning
  Tchaoxlik is a vast series of caverns underneath the continent of Rqet, spanning under almost half of the mainland. With its size, it is home to a diverse range of unique creatures, flora, minerals— and people.  

Ancient Caverns

There are three distinct regions within Tchaoxlik:  


These western caverns span underneath much of the Cipou Canyon and deserts. Less iron-rich than the soil above, these caverns take on a reddish-brown tone. Home to the Hounzet river, an unnamed lake, and Teuxlik.


Starting where Cipouxlik meets the canyons of the Ttor river, much of this area is made of brown-grey dirt and limestone. Within rests Rott Allen— the sea of algae, the Beuttep civilizations have thrived within Tchaozil as well.

Chluetichlon Polt

These dazzling caverns are lined with purple glistening gemstones known as Couleuz, and home to rich deposits of gold. The lake Chluetichlon drains into the cavern. It is from here much of Rektouzk's wealth initially came from.
  The sweet fettep mushroom grows natively in Tchaoxlik, alongside a handful of other unique species. Glowworms line the walls and ceilings in numerous places, hunted primarily by the zykeutuezyl. Monsters adapted to hunting in the dark such as the Cultly or Bneuptt make their living in the caverns as well.  

Algae and Ancient Ruins

At the heart of Tchaoxlik lies Rott Allen, a three-foot-deep sea of algae-covered water. The Beuttep harvest algae from here, with great nets spanning over where the sea runs off into the Ttor.
  Throughout the caverns are ancient ruins of a long-forgotten civilization which only madmen and occult scholars dare explore. The locals speak of an overwhelming sense of dread in the vicinity of these ruins— it is best that they give them a wide berth.
Tchaoxlik. The deep dark caverns beneath Rqet. They are home to strange flora, fauna, minerals, and peoples working towards their own goals.
Annual temperature: 76f
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