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Neubott the Blind


A hundred eyes line my skin, yet I cannot see. How many more do I need, until I can see that wonderful light once more?
— Neurott's nightly plea
  Neubott is an outcast among the Beuttep, living at the edge of their civilization, begrudgingly cared for by his family who believe him to be cursed— yet cannot bring themselves to leave him for dead, as within his mad ramblings one can glean some wisdom— and even power.
Current Location

An Eye for Servitude

Neubott was, once, simply a porter, who would transport goods between the great city of Onett and his own village at the edge of Tteunor's borders. During one of these transport runs his caravan would be attacked by a bneuptt— everyone but himself and a man he did not recognize would die fighting the monster, as the pair hid in a small tunnel nearby. The bneuptt would not stop its hunt after devouring Neubott's comrades, and began to throw itself against the tunnel's entrance. Neubott's fellow porter would tell him of a way to get rid of the monster— but he would have to have trust in the stranger's methods. Seemingly moments from death, Neubott agreed— and was led through a ritual by the stranger.  
"Please understand, this is necessary— we must draw our own blood." Neubott hesitated, the knife placed in his hand felt heavier than normal. He thought about where he could cut that would hurt the least, but was moved to action as the monster outside slammed its body against the wall once more. He quickly cut through his thigh, leaving a jagged mark as his shaking hands would not cooperate with him. The stranger made a calmer cut along their upper arm.   "Good, now, wet your tongue with it." The stranger instructed. Neubott did so, as dirt from above trickled onto his head. The iron-laden taste made him want to vomit.   "Repeat after me, carefully. This may sound strange, but you must say as I say, you cannot stutter. Understand?" He nodded his head, and the stranger began to chant. "Yuhlhezot u'un raezob..." Neubott repeated. "Yuhlhezot u'un raezob..." A reverberating echo came from the stranger's throat as they continued. "Jiish ra'aht aslehe'ad hezro goq..." "Jiish ra'aht aslehe'ad hezro goq..." The world around Neubott seemed to undulate. "Supmoq rieqz mu'q, Yuhlhezot." "Supmoq rieqz mu'q, Yuhlhezot."   With this final word, the stranger turned to dust, and Neubott found himself floating somewhere entirely alien, and subject to an entirely new sense— that of sight. A kaleidoscopic sky flashed and twisted in a dizzying array of color and texture. Somewhere before him floated an undulating form of wax, with rings of brass moving to an unheard rhythm within it. Yuhlhezot.
— Neubott's first vision
  Neubott would become a servant of Yuhlhezot, in return for eyes, as he wished to experience the new sense of sight in the waking world. This he would be granted, yet unknown to him— the subterranean world he knew was cast in darkness. Fervently, he would continue to pray to Yuhlhezot, and do as the being asked in return for more eyes— eventually he would be granted sight, or so he thought. Instead he would be feared by those around him, as his body accumulated more eyes his form became almost unrecognizable beneath the mass of wet orbs that twitched and spun every which way. Eventually his ears were covered, and he could no longer see by echolocation— becoming, to the Beuttep, truly blind.  

Hidden Wisdoms

Beuttep occultists occasionally seek out Neubott, his tale having spread in whispers throughout Tchaoxlik, in order to further their own studies and grow their power. While he may be blind, he has gleaned a significant amount of eldritch knowledge from his master.   To those willing to listen, he rambles about rituals to heal the sick and bring back the dead, on curses one can place upon their enemies, and of powers unseen— lying dormant beneath our own reality. Some visitors speak of a strange liquid form, with rings moving to an unheard rhythm inside it, floating above the transformed man.

The Lost Sister

Neubott's family does little more than bring him food and water, after his sister, Reub, went missing. She wished to aid her brother, by carrying out his instructions for a ritual he claimed would ease his pain. Instead, she would be transformed into a mass of eyes that cried in pain for three days before becoming a part of her brother's body, dispersing across it. While the rest of the family would not imagine this to be the case, they would still believe Neubott to be at fault— yet they feared what may happen should they attack him.  
Reub sees now as I do.
— Neubott
  Visitors on occasion are asked to perform similar rituals to that as Reub, often as a direct request from Yuhlhezot to Neubott— seeking to test or simply play with other beings. The cave in which he has been sent to live is strewn with mysterious masses of flesh, unknown liquids, and writhing creatures, as a result.  

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