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19 Mar, 2019 18:53

Thanks for hitting "like" on my article about The Minerva. Put a lot of work into that thing and it's really nice to know that someone enjoyed it. <3

23 Jul, 2018 13:44

Thanks for following the world and hitting that "like" button on my articles!

Venerable Grandmaster Tris
Tris (friendlynecromancer)
23 Jul, 2018 18:39

You're welcome! I think some of your ideas are cool and I'm curious to see how they develop :)

24 Jul, 2018 20:33

Well, I didn't have enough time to carefully work out most of the articles due to the Summer Camp, but if you're interested in any of them, just say and I will try to give it a higher priority ;)

Venerable Grandmaster Tris
Tris (friendlynecromancer)
24 Jul, 2018 21:59

Same, lol. And like I've said, I'm looking forward to seeing your world grow. No rush :)


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