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An eye for sight, a leg for speed, and an arm for dexterity— be careful what you wish of the beyond, for the beyond may just grant it.
— An unlucky victim
  Yuhlhezot is an eldritch being that gains great satisfaction from toying with lesser lifeforms, including mankind. Few have witnessed its true form, but those who have are found comatose afterwards, their bodies twisted into strange shapes, unable to share their tales. Some believe that these bodies are each a piece of a puzzle that, when placed correctly, create the visage of Yuhlhezot.  

Symbolism & Worship

False appearances

Common symbols of Yuhlhezot are feathered fish, fanged birds, and backwards arms. Those who find themselves devoted to Yuhlhezot will be subject a cruel, ironic cost payed for the being's power.
  A bowman may desire unparalleled eyesight— gaining the eye of an eagle, but going blind in the other. One may desire the strength to crush stone with their bare hands, and will receive just that— but be unable to control it.  

Done in jest

Worshipers of Yuhlhezot more often than not did not choose to— and were tricked into service. Either by lack of knowledge, or by falling for one of many traps and disguised servants of Yuhlhezot, a ritual communion is performed.
  Once this begins— it is already too late. Those who try to run find themselves cruelly trapped in an alien realm from which they can never return— even if they change their minds or cry out for forgiveness.

But at what cost?

Those who seek eldritch power and are unlucky enough to become bound to Yuhlhezot are first sent to a strange dreamlike realm in which they are able to communicate.
  Witnesses speak of a kaleidoscopic landscape that twists and turns from one color and texture to the next, often leading to headaches.
  Yuhlhezot can appear as anything from a mundane spoon to a horrid mass of flesh and blood, and will do so both in their world and ours— watching and toying with their servants whenever possible.
  All that is asked of these servants is that they pray to Yuhlhezot each day; how, exactly, often changes suddenly and unexpectedly.

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Oct 20, 2019 22:12 by R. Dylon Elder

And another one. On a eldritch spree are we? This one is slightly more vague in suppose than the first one. This is likely intentional. It's hard to wrap my head around just what is going on and I read it twice XD. this is a goooood thing. I love how strange it is. I also love that people are often tricked and unwillingly roped into this cult. It really adds more than just "oh they are crazy."   It's an amazing touch to this article and now my attention is drawn ever more to the Eldritch magic article that's just sitting their beckoning me to seeee

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Yeah, with their deal being more in irony, they are much more esoteric than the others. I do try to avoid using the "oh if someone gets into this they're just insane" trope too much, glad it's working so far! (Though I do use it sometimes, it has its purposes!)

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Oh insanity is classic but complexity can really make it happen. Excellent work.

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