The Beuttepeun are people accustomed to life within the underground caverns of Tchaoxlik. They are devout, following the faith of Auroullrob and their All-Mother, Auroull— in line with this, pregnancy and motherhood are sacred to them. The Beuttepeun find themselves plagued by monsters— and it is their collective goal to drive them back, protect themselves— and more importantly— Auroull. To this end, a typical Beuttepeun cares more for their collective than themselves, their family, or friends.  

Subterranean Specialties

Adapted to the underground, their hairless skin is pale, and somewhat translucent with a chalk-white tone. Their eyes were unnecessary for their habitat, their skulls close the sockets, leaving a relatively flat surface along their face. They possess leaf noses akin to that of a bat— flattened, with a raised ridge pointing up off the face, with lower flat ridges splitting from the center and rounding back around to rest below their nostrils.
  Their sense of smell is great, and allows them to detect scents from greater distances than most of their contemporaries. Their tall forward-pointed ears often reach the top of their heads. Within these ears, towards the top, are a series of curved ridges— all this allowing them to hear things from great distances— and "see" via echolocation. They tend to stand from 5'4"— 5'7".    

A Short History

The Beuttepeun have only existed for around 200 years. While there are traces of long since past civilizations within Tchaoxlik, none seem to share any artistic themes, stylings, architecture, or even physical size with the sightless people who inhabit the depths now. The settlements of Tteunor seem almost purposefully built away from those strange, primeval ruins. It is almost as if the Beuttepeun had sprung into being at the behest of some ancient power, rather than any sensible means.
  Peub Neubo; a member of the Council of Mothers, who lead the Beuttepeun nation of Tteunor, had overheard a sinister plan by their All-Mother to sacrifice the whole of their people to some great approaching evil. Even more condemning— it was revealed that the never-ending plague of monsters at their doorsteps was a direct result of Auroull's power drawing them towards her.
  She would not die for someone who would so coldly throw her aside, and immediately left to reveal her discovery to the citizenry. With many feeling betrayed, they formed the new nation of Pottott. War swiftly followed, with Tteunor unwilling to recognize the new nation— and Pottott fighting for their right to survive their coming doom.    


When hunting, everything possible is collected. Skin, bones, eyes, sinew, fur— everything has a use, often in alchemy. Beuttepeun are second only to Louh in alchemical prowess as a result of their constant experimentation.  

Greetings & farewells

Wider, grander gestures are more easily and quickly distinguished with echolocation— as such, greetings see Beuttepeun raising their arms outward at each side. For those close, they will greet by touching their face, palms open on both sides of the head— and shake it side-to-side gently for a moment before letting go. Farewells have their outstretched arms bent at the forearm towards their head.



Women give birth within a building in the center of every Beuttepeun settlement called an Auroboll These buildings are staffed by priestesses who live and die within the building's walls. Men are barred from entry. When a woman begins to give labor, she is given an alchemical concoction made from the discarded umbilical cords and placentas of other Beuttepeun mothers.
This potion is said to be rejuvenating, relieving pain and lessening the burden of childbirth to an extent. Two priestesses will act as midwives, and ensure the mother makes it through the process safely. After the child is born, they are placed in a sacred pool in the center of the structure— blessed by Auroull herself— washed clean, prayed to, and reunited with their mother.

Coming of age

Both boys and girls will join a band of the Bneullmonster hunters— for a mock hunt at age 13, where they must successfully kill a captured monster, or die at its feet. If they are unable, they are seen as also unable to defend Auroull and thus useless to their society.  


It is believed that the dead attract more monsters, so bodies are collected, and buried away from cities in burial grounds called Killtt.
  Bneull will use these grounds to attract and hunt down potential threats— not letting even the bodies of their families go to waste.  


Mothers must eat first, always. Monster meat is to be avoided at all costs, as it is believed to be tainted, and poisonous. As the Beuttepeun have yet to discover fire, meat is generally avoided— and eaten raw when it is consumed.  


War is new to the Beuttepeun, and not something they have developed tradition for. Notable, however, is the practice of jamming— where one copies the frequency of the enemy's echolocation with their own, rendering them blind.    

Ideals, Love & Gender



Women will approach men, offer out their hand, and— if he places his onto hers— they become a pair. As pregnancy is highly desired within their culture, polygamy is fairly common. Though, it isn't uncommon for monogamous couples to exist, either.  


Without hair, or much clothing, the Beuttepeun have little in the way of beauty standards beyond bathing semi-regularly. Touch and shape are the most important, and with this, many pursue softer, smoother skin.  


Women are generally expected to be pregnant often— not necessarily give birth, as pregnancy is seen as a holy source of power. Their society is matriarchal, and women hold the grand majority of power within it as a result. The practice of alchemy is restricted to women only, as is the ability to join the governing councils, and witness birth.
  Men typically fight in the military, or Bneull— some even rising to powerful positions— they also take up the bulk of the physical labor, but it isn't entirely uncommon to find men in lower managerial positions as well. If a woman so chooses, she is able to join in the same work as men— though they will find themselves in higher positions much faster.  

Art, Architecture, and Dress


Beuttepeun art mainly consists of sculpture and music. Common subjects are Auroull, of course, various monsters— as it's believed that their souls will not leave unless they have a body to pass through— and heroes.  


Beuttepeun settlements are largely built from broken or loose stones arranged atop one another to form domed structures. With these stones masterfully balanced, and often interlocked— these structures are sturdier than one might expect from their feeble appearance. Most buildings consist of three domes; one large central dome, and two smaller domes somewhere along the sides. Arches are common sights, and stalagmites will often grow atop roofs. Furniture is composed of monster bones, hides, and more stones— should it need to be more sturdy, or hold a lot of weight.
  Beuttepeun structures can become impressively large if the stacked stones are mixed with the walls of the vast caverns. If one could see in the blackened depths, they could see these impressive domed towers from miles away. Along the borders of each city, are specialized towers with angled walls and open faces, meant to amplify sounds from the distance— acting like giant ears. These enable guards to "see" up to a mile away by enhancing their echolocation.  


As the Beuttepeun rely on echolocation for their sight— many qualities of dress simply cannot be seen by them. As such, they do not wear clothes— but they do wear jewelry. Beuttepeun jewelry focuses on creating shapes rather than being shiny, or colorful. Many women will wear ntteupeb, or, "wings—" a variety of materials from animal hides, bones, or stone placed around ones upper arms or legs, and sticking out in a triangular shape like a wing. Sawn-off monster horns are worn by both genders, placed on the forehead to mimic the felled creatures— often as a trophy, of sorts.
  When expecting to talk with Llib Tettareb (lightbearers, or, humans who posses sight) in a friendly manner, some Beuttepeun will don loincloths, and tie a cloth band over their face— so as to hide their missing eyes, and make the foreigners feel more at ease.    

Religion & Myth

The Beuttepeun are one of t— if not the only— few races within Qet that know their true origins— that they were born from Auroull. As such, they revere her as a god, and dedicate themselves to protecting her life and following her example. As a result, pregnancy is sought after by most women— the Beuttepeun are able to remain in this state for over a year, at times— as it symbolizes for them Auroull's great strength. It is believed that if they, too, live in this state as often as their All-Mother does— they must also become stronger from it.
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Beuttepeun names are one and the same with those of their language, Auroullott.
  A few feminine names are those such as Aurott, Tteur, Reub, and Aureub.
  Masculine names include things like Nolltt, Ren, Nett, and Rett.
  Like many other languages throughout Qet, family names are passed down through each generation.
  It is said that Auroull herself formed the Beuttepeun language— and it is no surprise that this would lead to similarities with those on the surface.  


Rape, and infanticide are punishable by death.
  Do not waste anything from your hunts, lest the beast rise again for revenge.   Barren women are seen as weak— and cast out to Allen Noul, a lone island within the Rott Allen— the sea of algae.

Alchemical Strength

For the Beuttepeun of Pottott, who have opened up trade with foreign nations such as Rektouzk— it has become apparent that their most valuable goods are their potions.
  Hunting the many monsters constantly threatening their settlements is no easy task. Alchemy helps significantly to lower the gap between Bneull and the monsters they face.
  For generations they have practiced and experimented with numerous ingredients, temperatures, and processes to develop precise, powerful potions.
  This skill mixed with the rare ingredients native to their home makes their alchemy valuable to foreign nations.  

Without fire

Part of what makes Beuttepeun alchemy so unique is their lack of fire— the Beuttepeun have yet to discover it.
  However, in its place, are red-hot green-white teull stones found in closely guarded caverns. These stones seemingly never lose their heat— how, exactly, is unknown.
  Anyone who has tried to remove these stones from the caverns have found that they have an unpleasant reaction to higher altitudes— violently exploding.

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