Reull Stone


Reull stone is a mineral found only within Tchaoxlik.? It radiates a supernatural heat, allowing the Beuttep? to heat their homes, and practice alchemy without having discovered fire.  

Warmth in the Dark

Reull stone is pale-green in hue, with lighter striations running in thick, waving bands across its surface. It is hot to the touch— enough to burn those who aren't careful to cover their hands before making contact with it. Reull stone can only be found in a particular section of Tchaoxlik— near the town of Tten. Thankfully, the town resides on the edge of Rott Allen— a large lake near the center of the vast caverns— which allows for easy transportation via boat to the Tteunor? capital of Onett.?  


Reull stone is primarily used as a heating agent in the alchemical process, allowing the Beuttep to brew potions essential for their survival— and for trade. For this, the stone is usually broken off into palm-sized chunks, and placed beneath a retort— where most would light a fire. The stone can be used as an alchemical ingredient, itself, and is often used in potions of warmth.   It is this latter use which the outside world finds more desireable— especially given a dangerous peculiarity of the material. When brought above ground, reull stone explodes— killing and damaging everything in a nearby radius, and sending deadly shrapnel up to a quarter of a mile away.  
It feels like it's burning a hole through my hand— are you sure we should take these things?
What if something hap—
— An unlucky thief
  With this in mind, the only safe way for reull stone to reach the outside world is either after it has already been brewed into a potion— or as ground dust, transported in a thick wet cloth to supress the reaction upon reaching a higher altitude.


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Aug 11, 2021 18:14 by R. Dylon Elder

I'm loving this idea of a culture that bypassed the discovery of fire. It's been a while since I've visited Qet. I cant remember if it was mentioned in the actual article for their culture, but I imagine that it could have had a huge impact on their cultural development. May have to go and take a look on that there link. Regardless, another awesome article that fits the prompt beautifully. That quote good laugh and I really like this idea of it being explosive when taken above ground. I do wonder if the explosive nature is due to its location or possible exposure to what's above ground, like sunlight for example. It made me wonder if it could be smuggled on wagons or in baskets shroud the stone in darkness but you make it sound like just being above ground is enough so I'll assume that. Sad day. No basket bombs for dylon.   Well done!

Aug 12, 2021 04:48 by Grace Gittel Lewis

I believe it was mentioned, yes! It is in their nation articles, at least.   It's an altitude/pressure thing in this case. Technically, there could be ways to transport it— but not at this tech level. Thank you!

Sep 18, 2021 18:42 by Amy Winters-Voss

Thank you for entering the Summer Camp Material Prompt! Giving you a sticker in recognition of your excellent entry for interesting and imaginative ideas! Very cool that they don't need fire! (Despite the dangers of the stone.)

Author of the Liminal Chronicles urban fantasy series | Author Website
Sep 21, 2021 18:09 by Grace Gittel Lewis
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