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Auroullot— or, "mother tongue"— is the primary language spoken by the Beuttep race inhabiting much of Tchaoxlik.

Writing System

The written form of Auroullot is created from raised shapes— rings, dots, and squares— as the Beuttepeun are blind.

Geographical Distribution

Auroullott is primarily spoken by the Beuttep within the depths of Tchaoxlik— there may be the rare scholar or linguist outside of the caverns, however.


Plurals are created by placing "eb" at the end of a word.
Ex. Ttoubeb, or "mushrooms" "T," and "L" are always doubled.
Demonyms greatly vary.
Ex. People from Onett are called "Onettett," and people from Pottott are called "Pottotteun."


"O" Produces an "ah" sound. At the end of a sentence, and before 'R'— "oh."
"E" is "eh."
"Eu" is "oo."
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18 Words.
Spoken by
Common Phrases
Auroull Bttep
Bless The Mother.
Bttep Auroull
Mother bless you.
Common Female Names
Aurott, Tteur, Reub, Aureub, Poull, Noun, Llaur, Routt, Roull, Lloun
Common Male Names
Nolltt, Ren, Nett, Rett, Bott, Poll, Llen, Llett, Rell, Rott
Common Unisex Names
Llon, Ttell, Pott, Rutt, Fott


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