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Bneuptts are large bipedal monsters that stand atop the food chain of Tchaoxlik.  


Oily, pale white skin covers most of their hairless bipedal bodies. A short, stiff neck supports a round head. At the very center of this lies a strong ivory horn— which is truthfully two horns twisted together. At the base of this horn, inside the bneuptt's skull, is a muscle that twists around the horn's base— allowing it to spin for a time. On the underside of the head runs a wide, grinning mouth with skin pulled thin towards its opening to the point where it is almost translucent. Serrated teeth line these strangely smiling jaws. On each side of its head is a large, bat-like ear, split at the tip. At the end of the bneuptt's body is a short, wide, flat tail, balancing it as it rams into prey.  


Bneuptt are extremely aggressive, and are some of the few monsters that primarily subsist off the flesh of other monsters. When prey is found, a bneuptt will rush towards them full speed, twist their horns— and ram directly into them. If the impact of the creature's body slamming into them wasn't enough to kill them, or the piercing wound left by the bneuptt's horn was not enough to vanquish them— the quick twisting of it would ensure at least that they would soon bleed out. However, bneuptt are rarely patient enough for this and simply make as many attempts to gouge their prey as is necessary— resorting to biting in close quarters even though they rely on echolocation to navigate. This hard-headed approach, alongside their hardy hides, makes them difficult adversaries, great dangers— and tempting hunts for the Beuttep.  


Bneuptt do not commonly approach human settlements, rather, they hunt monsters who have managed to catch prey before them. However— if one were to happen across a settlement either by coincidence or while pursuing other prey, they are unable to resist the urge to attack. They do so indiscriminately, regardless of size or power held by any individual— whoever ends up closest is the first to go. The havoc they can wreak upon even the strongest of structures in their hunger-driven madness has dissuaded some Beuttep settlements from even constructing walls— gambling instead on their hunters to protect them.  

A common weapon

In fact, Bneuptt are such popular hunts for Bneull— Beuttep hunting parties— that their horns have become common sights among their ranks. When wielded, the horns are separated and used as short piercing blades.

Habitat & rest

Bneuptt live underground, within deep, dark caverns. They sleep intermittently throughout their days when they believe they are safe.
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