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The deep, shimmering body. That great bountiful lake. It sung to me as I fell asleep, and in my dreams I sank deep into those unfathomable depths.
— A Rektouzk trader
  Chluetichlon, it is said, reaches down into the heart of the universe itself. A great lake along the shores of which the nation of Rektouzk has grown and thrived.  

A bottomless abyss

None have spoken of a bottom, and few who sank into the depths in search of one have returned. As a result, a sunken ship, lost cargo, or a fallen sailor— no matter the object— they are all considered to be lost forever. Even stranger, the lake has a consistently chilling temperature— no matter the time of year.

  Despite this, the Coulqepluex who live along the abyss' shores, revere the lake. Chluetichlon connects them to the world at large, enabling their vast trade empire to flourish. Their children are even baptized within its ever-cold waters, signifying a connection with those strange waters for the remainder of their lives. Those visiting from other cultures have said that the waters change the children— claiming it makes them cold in both emotion and touch, like the lake itself.  
Owning Organization

Bounty from below

The shores of Chluetichlon seem to imbue the vast fields of Rektouzk with life from within the bottomless waters of the lake, crops grow faster than they should, yields are greater than should be possible, and pests are almost non-existent.

  Scholars and farmers from other nations have attempted to discover what secret agricultural methods Rektouzk could be utilizing, but none have yet bore fruit. A particularly adamant man from Louh once filled a cart with soil from the shores, and brought it home to see if it was the key to Rektouzk's yields.

  The man's vast fields withered, and the soil turned to a sickly grey within a week.


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