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Cipou Canyon



Its high red walls protect us from the sun's harshest rays, like a loving mother of stone.
— Unknown denizen
  Found in the western deserts of Rqet, Cipou Canyon has been steadily carved over time by the knife known as the Cipou River, leaving behind myriad canyons in the wake of its ever-changing course. The imposing canyon walls are painted in beautiful reds, pinks, and oranges— like those of sunsets— cradling the variety of flora and fauna that have come to call them home.

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Desert, hot
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River of Life

The grand majority of living beings within the canyon live near the Cipou River, and its life-giving waters. Settlements rest against its shores, and trade follows its course. At the Cipou River Delta sits the seat of Zilopnou's? strength— the city-state of Lliaq.?   With rich deposits of minerals such as silver and copper, as well as the ever-precious yntxol fruit,? it's no wonder the stubborn nation had risen to the heights they reached until The Devouring of Lliaq.  


Cave of Visions

The transcendent Cipol Zetachklio? resides within this mysterious cave. A cave, it should be noted, which lies halfway up a cliff— and can only be accessed by those who can successfully scale it. Pilgrims wishing to meet with the past warrior will be accepted willingly— if they make it.

The Face

Carved into the side of a remote cliff, a strange visage proudly stares out over a quiet section of the canyon. It does not resemble any known figures— and appears uncannily inhuman. Its features are just slightly twisted enough to appear deliberate rather than the result of poor craftsmanship.

Stolen Homeland

The Kyteux? believe the delta to be their birthplace, and have fought with the various city-states of the canyon for control of their holy river. Now with Lliaq collapsed, they may finally see their wish granted.

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Apr 23, 2021 01:21 by R. Dylon Elder

If they make it, indeed. Its awfully fitting that a shrine to a warrior would require a perilous act during a pilgrimage. I enjoyed this little article. Your locations always have some amazing qualities. Picturing them always leaves an impression. Well done.   "and appears uncannily inhuman"   So this may be another case where i get to learn some grammar from you, but when I read this, i kinda stumpled. Uncannily is a word that almost disrupted the flow (at least how I was reading it) but that's besides the point. I was always under the impression that saying "inhuman" implies a non human thing has an uncanny resemblance to humans. Perhaps you intended for it to mean the reverse, that the face is not of a human but eerily appears as if it is? Idk wanted to bring it up but I can't be confident I'm correct on that point.

Apr 23, 2021 03:20 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thanks! It's not a shrine, Cipol is alive— just not a warrior anymore.   Inhuman just means not human— to me it has a much more animalistic, strange connotation rather than what you describe. I wonder if the connotation is regional? Either way— I do intend to note that the face is in the uncanny valley, pretty much.

Apr 23, 2021 04:52 by R. Dylon Elder

ooooo, ok yes. Sorry i got confused there. just read through trancendants and now i understand XD   It's just me. im pretty sure it's just me. I doubt it's regional. I just always took it to imply humaness cause i always thought calling somthing, say a cat, inhuman would be a little obvious. Youre right though XD. it really does just mean inhuman. oof. Grammar lessons with timepool.

Apr 23, 2021 05:29 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Glad to hear it makes sense! Maybe I should sell grammar lessons lol, it's just me reading the dictionary.

Apr 24, 2021 17:31 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I think I'll pass on visiting Cipol.   This sounds like it would be a beautiful place to see. I love the idea of seeing the layers in the rock that the river has carved, and the colours contrasting with the river itself.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Apr 25, 2021 07:14 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Thanks! Yeah, I love deserts! They can be really gorgeous.

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