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After days of eating nothing but that horrid, bland moss, the sweetness of that small mushroom was a delight. It's no wonder to me why these people love it so.
— A Rektouzk trader
Fettep is a sweet, sugary mushroom that grows within the depths of Tchaoxlik . It is prized by the Beuttep as a delicacy.  


Fully grown fettep stand only 4-6" tall and 2-4" wide at the cap. Their light grey stems are thinner towards the soil, and curve upwards to their full width where they meet with the cap. The caps themselves are thin, and curve upwards into a concave bell shape. They take a darker grey tint, with various small white spots across their tops.  


Mycelium spores, once planted, take up to three weeks to fully take root. After this, fettep will begin to sprout from the mycelium— first as small bulbs under the ground, but these slowly expand until they breach the surface and begin to take their familiar shape. This second stage takes merely four days before reaching full growth.

Delicacy of the Dark

Fettep grows best in cool, slightly moist environments, like those downwind of Rott Allen and other bodies of water.   Interestingly, they seem to prefer a lack of light, discovered during early attempts to produce them on the surface which proved fruitless.   As such, it is much easier to trade with Pottott for the unique fungi than to grow it elsewhere.

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