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Obkuith (Possessed Debris)


Obkuith are strange objects few ever meet. Those who do are seldom heard from again.  


Obkuith appear as floating pale-obsidian stones, surrounded by a swarm of various small objects collected from the surrounding area, such as rocks, dirt, sand, leaves— weaponry, bodies, and water. These objects fly at high speeds around their centers, and can quickly kill any who approach.   The core of an obkuith appears to be obsidian— though, rather than the typical deep black, they are instead pale white. Those who have been lucky enough to observe a core without dying have said at its center lies a darker, square-latticed core— though this seems impossible given than the material isn't transparent in the slightest.  


Their purpose is unknown, though they are hostile— if one were to step within their “territory” they will find themselves and objects on their person pulled towards the mysterious creature— and assaulted by the swarm already around them. The exact size of an obkuith's territory is unfortunately unknown, and may vary greatly from specimen to specimen. Obkuith seem to pull trespassers towards them, and are able to vary the distance and speed of the swarms around them to better hit their targets.   Survivors are often left scarred, and report floating through the air as if through water. Few ever believe them.  
Tihe was pulled from the ground beneath their very feet! I couldn't believe my own eyes— until the spear in my shaking hands was pulled from me without being touched. I feared that I could not save Tihe, and ran.
— A Liiaqeu soldier


They appear without warning, and leave just as suddenly. They've been spotted in the middle of vast deserts, deep in jungles, or in the centers of libraries.   Spotting one is quite rare, and few accounts of them exist— survivors all note feeling an almost magnetic pull towards the strange beings, some even floating in the air.   This rarity makes them particularly intriguing finds for alchemists and scholars alike— should they even know of their existence. To make things more intriguing, cultists have been reportedly nearby in many of the reported sightings.  

Odd specimens

Obkuith specimens cannot be considered "dead," but instead are seen as inert given that they still seem to pull nearby objects— albeit more weakly. Some alchemists, particularly among cultists or in Louh have supposedly managed to mutate themselves with the strange stones.  
Average Circumference


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