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Gaiwej: Whispering Mouth



Be wary of questions asked by unseen voices. Look around, ensure you can see their source— and if the question came from lips upon a wall, do not answer.
— An occultist's warning
  Gaiwej are michevious eldritch creatures that prey on sapient beings, typically humans, tricking them so that the gaiwej can affix itself to the victim. The victim then cannot remove the creature until they verbally repeat specific, troublesome, sentences at the behest of the gaiwej.

Extra Info

Typically found in human settlements
Average Height
1/2" - 3'
Average Length
2" - 1'


Gaiwej may vary in exact shape and size, but each appears as a mouth attached to a solid object. These mouths take on the color and texture of the surfaces they appear on. If a mouth were to appear on a wooden barrel, then its lips and teeth would appear as wood. This camoflage makes gaiwej difficult to spot— but it is what can be found inside the mouth that gives potential victims a chance to run.   The inside of a gaiwej's mouth, once opened, reveals a kaleidoscopic light made from various purples and whites. If one is looking as the mouth speaks, they will be able to spot the danger and react accordingly.  


Gaiwej lie in wait upon any solid surface they can find near potential victims, be it a wall, barrel, post, tree, dirt, or stone. Once a potential victim has passed by the creature, it will ask them an innocuous question. A gaiwej's voice sounds much like anyone else in the surrounding area, giving little reason to suspect that the question came from anything other than a human. Keen ears, however, will be able to detect a slight otherworldly quality to the voice— as if it were not one, but many voices speaking at once.  
"Hello, where might I find the market?"   "Do you want help carrying that?"   "This weather is quite nice, isn't it?"   "Where did you get that beautiful cape?"
— Typical gaiwej questions
  If one were to answer any of a gaiwej's questions, the gaiwej would use their words to attach itself to their own mouth. Once attached, the creature will speak to the victim telepathically, urging them to say troublesome sentences as they go about their lives. These sentences may directly endanger the victim, mildly inconvenience them, or create social chaos in their lives. The victim will be unable to speak, or mouth words, unless they give in and repeat one of the gaiwej's sentences. As soon as the victim has repeated three of these sentences in total, the gaiwej will disappear. From the outside, no one can tell that one has fallen victim to a gaiwej— their mouth appears unchanged, and when they do finally speak, they speak with their own voice. This, of course, can cause many problems for the victims.  
"I've always hated you!"   "Let's split up."   "I insist upon paying double."   "No, I do not want your help."   "I love you!"   "I'm carrying a concealed knife, you should confiscate it."   "Guards, come, I've just murdered someone!"   "I don't know you, but I want to kill you."  
— Gaiwej victims


Once a gaiwej is removed, the victim will find a warm pearl placed upon their tongue. Gaiwej pearls are small spheres that contain the same kaleidoscopic patterns of the gaiwej that left them, and can be valuable ingredients for alchemical potions or used as ritual components.  

Vow of Silence

If one refuses to say what the gaiwej wishes for them to say, then they may never speak again. However, those with knowledge of the occult may perform a ritual to remove the creature from their person. This ritual begins by rubbing one's lips with ancient powders, which weakens the gaiwej and makes it vulernable to removal. After this, a capable occultist should be able to deduce their own tasks and components for the remainder of the ritual.

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Author's Notes

Feedback is very much welcome! Whether on the content, or the formatting! Please, point out typos if you spot any!   I focused a bit on making a fun encounter for the TTRPG, let me know if you think this could make for some fun times at the table!

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