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Xoth-Kubori (Gates)


Creatures which appear as average at first— but those unfortunate and unlucky enough to approach find them to be anything but.  

A False Appearance

Xoth-kubori appear simply as dogs, cats, or other small animals that are kept as pets or companions. However— once touched, a high-pitched screech can be heard, before their bodies undulate— and pull in the victim. Victims will drift through strange realms for a short time before finding themselves suddenly back in reality, several feet away— unscathed, unless extremely unlucky.   Xoth-kubori feed off of fear, and surprise— they have no need to harm their prey. Should one attempt to kill a xoth-kubori they should do so from a distance and with fire. If they were foolish enough to go after it with a melee weapon or bare knuckles they would find their weapons turned back against them, or find themselves trapped inside an alien realm for an unknown amount of time.  
Don't touch that dog, kid! You'll end up like me, called a lunatic, a beggar living on the streets! I saw horrible things, believe me, great vistas of flesh and metal, incomprehensible shapes and undulating sands— and mankind's footprint was nowhere to be seen.
— A raving beggar


Those unfortunate— or perhaps lucky— souls who become trapped in alien realms and survive often return without the ability to feel fear. It is believed by some occultists that a number of former Zilopnou Tichantin were such survivors.   However, this is not often a boon for them. Firstly, most return after having been driven insane by the alien things they witnessed, heard, or felt during their imprisonment. It is uncommon that they return to the same location they left, as well— sometimes returning hundreds of miles away.   As a result, many of these survivors end up walking into death on their own, either through recklessness or suicide.  
The weather means nothing to me! May the lightning strike me where I stand— I shall enjoy my walk regardless of the weather.
— Crazed survivor

An alien habitat

Xoth-kubori appear in urban centers, villages, or even isolated abodes— anywhere sentient life may be found.   One has never been witnessed entering, nor leaving any of these areas. Encounters with them are rare, and tales of these encounters have entered the realm of myth.   Even rarer are victims who witness what they believe to be the xoth-kubori nest.  
A great pulsating heart, made of golden strings and the pure black embodiment of fear pulsed and throbbed in the space before me.   Bone-like shapes resembling webs stretched out into the distance, creating surreal mountain ranges as far as I could see.   Great beings made of the space between writhed and floated like infernal flags among them, and without knowing, I knew what they were.   But I couldn't find myself afraid.
— A survivor


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