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  Qetlon is Qet itself, the god's death gave life to the world and all that lives within it, their rotting body and its viscera forming everything from the continents, to humanity itself.    

Created From a Corpse

What power fells a god? I almost do not wish to know.
— An occult scholar
Qetlon has been dead for over three-thousand years, yet how they met their end is not known to any mortal. Whatever killed the god— it was violent, sending their viscera tumbling into the void. From their bones, the stone core of Qet was created— its continents, its mountains, valleys, and canyons, covered by dirt— the god's flesh.   Filling the cavities between the stone and dirt, their tears formed Qet's oceans, rivers, and lakes. Their skin became plant life— bearing fruit for the life that would soon inhabit the world. This life came from three primary sources; animals from their veins, monsters from their digestive system, and their beating heart forming humanity.


The grand majority of humanity knows nothing of Qetlon— the name for their world— "Qet"— having been passed down from Auroul herself.   Only those who delve into the occult are able to glean this knowledge, given that there are no clear signs that the world they live within is a corpse.   Only a select few cults and small religions even worship the god that formed their world.


Many parts of the dead god's body were left over from these events— and from these formed the aspects. Aspects of Qetlon are powerful beings created from specific body parts— embodying the whole of the part rather than being only a piece of it. Given their immense power, these beings are often either feared— or worshipped.  

The Womb

Auroul, mother to humanity— leaving them behind to keep the hungering Ytzkla from devouring herself. Center of worship for the Beuttep.

The Maw

Ytzkla, subject to endless hunger— drawn to the latent magical energies found within humans. The largest deposit of which lies within Auroul.

The Left Ear

Ahndel Veha a rippling mass, which splits into many, smaller creatures when met with certain music. Hanviehl lives in constant fear of it.


Qetlon's corpse is not immortal— over time it will decompose. Their skin and flesh rotting away, their tears becoming poisoned by the myriad liquids formed by the process, and the very air becoming nigh acidic. This will take thousands of years, however, and those alive today will never notice the effects of this process.   However, should civilization continue onwards for long enough— the very world they inhabit would become an inevitable danger.


There is one small section of Qet not created by Qetlon's death— Roog'alhiik: The Hole in the World. The strange continent, and all that lives within it— are created by a cosmic parasite which was gestating within Qetlon's stomach when they died.   The parasite continues to feed off their host, growing slowly but surely in size as time marches ever onwards.

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Oct 8, 2020 19:22 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ohh, I hadn't thought about the whole decomposition process on Qet before. That's going to cause some very interesting things to occur in the future, I imagine.   I love the little section about the aspects, by the way. Especially the left ear. Not sure why, but that one's my favourite.   Also, yikes about the ever-growing hole in the world.

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