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I could hear the nation before I laid my eyes on its shores. A droning, buzzing music blanketed the whole of the land, painting it with song wherever I went. From the towers along its edges facing the jungle, the bands played tirelessly. I was both impressed, and frightened at just what sort of monstrosity could drive a whole nation to such exhausting lengths.
— A Rektouzk Trader
  A small coastal nation pressed against the thickened jungles of Ytoulch Chotol and the constant danger of a terrible being residing within. Their existence is one defined by music and their constant defense against this being.  

A Constant Fear

In the deep, lush rainforest of Ytoulch Chotol, lives a terrible predator— the Ahndel Veha, or — the Acoustic Maw. Hundreds of years ago, the creature was discovered by one of the original Linnh tribes— which was subsequently wiped from existence. Soon, other tribes began to fall, and they fled to those that remained. Eventually, the beast came upon the Viehl tribe— during a ritual involving the musical instrument known as the ceahv.
  The strange, abhorrent creature rippled like water— and split into many, smaller creatures like itself which scattered from the village. The creature later reformed, and tried again— this time slaughtering a number of families before being faced with a man practicing the instrument— and it split once again. The Viehl learned from this event, and began to have their musicians keep watch as the beast moved on to the next tribe. Eventually, the few surviving tribes fled to join the Viehl— and the creature's assaults became more frequent. Somehow— defying explanation— the beast appears within minutes of the music stopping— prompting a constant patrol of musicians along the nation's borders to be set.    

Governing Structure

Hanviehl is ruled by an oligarchical group comprised of the heirs to the old tribal leaders, called The Sihled Quorum. After its inception, this number grew far larger than the initial handful of members— and soon it began to impede progress.
The decision was made to introduce a quorum— a minimum of one-third— for essential state matters, the rest were free to do as they pleased.
Some— beholden to their positions— took up the governance of smaller, specific matters such as communication, infrastructure, or fishing. The Linhellad Orchestras, seeing the opportunity, convinced a number of the Sihled to become their mouthpieces; and in return they received protection— and control— over entire settlements of Hanviehl, or even districts of the capital.
Truthfully, Hanviehl is ruled by the orchestra, as they protect the nation, no one can oppose them for long— else they can go so far as to withhold their music until the populace gives them what they want.    


Hanviehl settlements are riddled with a series of interconnecting canals, rather than roads. As the bodies of the Linnh are better suited for swimming than walking, this is simply more convenient. Not only this— but the water acts as an extra barrier should Ahndel Veha breach the walls.
  Hanviehl construction is heavily wood-based— often, even their foundations are built from pilings of wood. Buildings are typically triangular in shape— supposedly to conserve material— with the ends of boards often reaching over the apex of the structure, creating a small V along the uppermost edges of their roofs. Mud brick is often fired and placed around structures for extra support. Doorways will often open directly over canals, on occasion there will be dock-like pathways alongside canals.    

Assets, Industry, & Trade

Hanviehl occupies a number of small islands and most of the western coast bordering Ytoulch Chotol, with some camps, mines, and logging operations probing into the jungle itself. In the south, their borders end as they meet with the Nipinoul mountain range.  

Offshore farming

Much of Hanviehl's agriculture is mostly kept on small, dedicated islands, and transported by boat to the mainland as needed. Guarding cities is one thing, but farmland cannot be patrolled in the same capacity. Crops grown include cassava, macadamia nuts, pineapple, and velil which is used to brew a popular drink.
  Hanviehl often participates in whaling, fishing, and other nautical pursuits as it is simply safer, and easier, than hunting on land. Turtles are popular prey, given the protection and jewelry that can be made from their shells. Various other fish are caught and consumed as well.

Mainland expeditions

Not all materials can come from the sea, however, and essentials such as lumber and ores must be harvested from within the dangerous clutches of the jungle itself. Some mines have been established along the coast, but more have come from carefully excavated and patrolled settlements along the edges of the jungle.
  Musicians specially trained by the orchestra for travel are paid handsomely to accompany groups of explorers and assigned soldiers, trained to keep the other monsters in the jungle at bay. Once established, these camps and projects must be maintained, lest they become overgrown by the jungle flora.

Musical Military

The Hanviehln military is quite small— especially compared to the other nations of Rqet. They posses only three ships, and a few hundred trained soldiers within the capital and smaller bands in other cities. For the most part— they are used as hunters, or aid those harvesting materials from the jungle.
  Troops don bright-red face paint, armor fashioned from turtle shells— smaller shells tied with leather over the shoulders and knees, larger ones cut into breastplates tied around the sides— placed over a long green woven cloth, tapered toward the center, with a sewn hole to allow for the neck to pass through. Metal armor would only weigh them down— and for a people who often swim for safety and transport, this is undesirable.
  Their weaponry is designed for close-ranged fighting; their primary weapons of choice being a long wooden rod with a carved circular hole in the center, and a sharp metal blade on each end— the whole thing typically only being about a foot and a half in length.
  Hunting parties also carry bullroarers these are more for luring the split children of the Ahndel Veha than actually attacking. Long, large pliers— spiked on the top and bottom— are carried as both weapon and tool for extracting the teeth of the beast for use in the eyahdvel. When cornered, any Linnh is also capable to biting an attacker with their serrated teeth.    


While there is no official, organized religion in the nation— there are a number of widely held beliefs. First, and most importantly, is the belief that they have been placed in the world to torture the Ahndel Veha for a sin made in its past life. They believe the creature to be immortal— as despite hundreds of years of hunting and killing its split forms, it has shown no change in its full size. Music, they believe— especially that produced from the Ceahv— is a manifestation of the creature's past sin, and the guilt it feels for this act.    


The average citizen is uneducated, those wishing to become musicians will be put through school— should they have the room. Typically, nepotism wins above individual ability.

Yhandel he neolh.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Barter system
Ves: Rounded and polished coral with different colors denoting worth. Red being the most valued, followed by pink, orange, and yellow.
Major Exports
Pearls, coral, turtle meat and shells, mahogany, and finely crafted instruments.
Major Imports
Gold, gems, grain, lumber, and instruments from other lands.
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

Away from home

Hanviehl keeps mostly to itself, outside of trade with other nations such as Rektouzk or the nearer Louh.
  Given their prowess, several musicians have found an easier life outside the nation, playing less— but gaining almost as much as they enjoyed before.
  Thankfully this arrangement often only leads to more demand for Hanviehl's wonderous instruments, and calls for musicians.
  Some affluent outsiders, even, have begged to be trained by the orchestra.

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Annnd yes. I love it. The weapons described are awesome and it really is crazy how so much of the nation is due to this monster. amazing stuff. one thing though.   "especially compared to the other nations of Rqet. They posses only three ships, and ..." is it Qet or Rqet? did i find a typo?

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