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A breathy language, Lhehd is the primary language of the Linnh race, living along the coast of Ytoulch Chotol. Formerly, the language's namesake was one of many tribes— which eventually outlived its neighbors, the few survivors of which ran to the remaining civilization.

Writing System

The written language of Lhehd is made with many curvilinear lines, twisting and turning over themselves— occasionally accented with dots of various sizes.

Geographical Distribution

Lhehd is unique to the lands controlled by Havihel— and perhaps a smattering of linguists and travellers elsewhere.


Plurals are created with an extra breath at the end of a word. This is expressed in written form with a double H.
Ex. Vahlhh, or "houses."
Demonyms vary.


"Eu" produces an "ehw" sound.
"A" produces an "ah".
"H" is a soft "h" unless it is the first letter.
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14 Words.
Spoken by
Common Female Names
Fih, Ehn, Vehll, Rahf, Lahs
Common Male Names
Dehn, Hed, Sahl, Lohn, Bohd
Common Unisex Names
Dohe, Seahe, Nah, Tehl, Fohn


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