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A discarded weapon of the spiral-heads laid on the ground before me, I was curious, and couldn't help but pick it up. It was hot to the touch despite the cool evening air. I threw the thing as far as I could, it was wrong.
— A Rektouzk trader
  The Ytzklaxoli wield these short arm-mounted blades which are forged from the spines of Ytzkla, the great lizard.  

Godly Warmth

Ytzklachli possess unnatural heat— and become hot enough to burn flesh when close to the pale lizard themselves. The ytzklachli is made of a gauntlet, which is fasted to the forearm, and a twenty-inch straight blade which forks six-inches from its tip. The entire thing is forged from Ytzkla's spines, which act similarly to a metal when heated, becoming malleable enough to work with— and more durable once cooled.   In order to keep from burning the wielder, the inside of the gauntlet is padded with layers of cloth. Some take the extra precaution of carrying containers of water into battle, which they will pour into the gauntlet periodically. Despite this, many return from prolonged battles with burns along their forearms.  

Tactics & Use

Ytzklachli are more well suited to thrusting attacks than slashing, and are especially effective against armored targets. Most often they are wielded in pairs, or with small daggers. Their forked ends are used to catch and wrest weapons from enemies, often allowing one to make a killing blow with their free hand. As their heat increases the closer they are in proximity to Ytzkla, Ytzklaxoli will use them to set fires along key routes of escape to ensure their victims cannot escape their god's maw.   As an added benefit, the gauntlet acts as close-quarters defense when needed, and is made thicker than the blade for this purpose.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
32" x 4"

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