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Ytzklatich Coronation



As my mother screamed, I steeled myself. Eventually the cacophony faded into Ytzkla's? holy gullet, and with them, my last connections to this world.
— Ytzchlatich
  The Ytzklatich is the ruler of both the Ytzklapon? nation and faith. Their coronation is a grand event, celebrated throughout the nation.  


Ytzkla themself appoints each Ytzklatich from among the Ytzklaponeu? through unknown means— causing the spines embedded within them during their Klapnot to vibrate violently. Once selected, the appointed leader makes their way to the great temple atop the Pale Lizard's head— the Ytzklatolix.? Once there, they are presented with fragments of Ytzkla's body by the four Tichyiltz. Two ornate, pointed pieces, carved out of a tooth that fell from the great lizard's jaw long ago. These fragments are embedded beneath the appointed's shoulders, removing any scripture that may already be embedded under them. These fragments are left exposed due to their large size, with thier pointed tops protruding several inches above the appointed's shoulders. Their skin magically closes around the pieces with Ytzkla's will.   Following this, an offering must be made to Ytzkla— everyone close to the appointed. Typically these will be their spouse, and family— who are thrown into the pale lizard's mouth. If necessary, the appointed must subdue them in order to complete the sacrifice. Once this deed is done, the appointed sheds their old name, simply becoming "Ytzklatich." After this, they are left alone to commune with Ytzkla for a period of five days (signifying the five days over which Ytzkla ate their own mother). Once they emerge from the temple, they address the people who have gathered around the First Spine— the closest commoners may be to the great temple— and a celebration is held until night falls.  

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