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The illuminator

The first time I saw Sunshine in action was against the Thramorri out past Ardenspire. The bastard Spawn had set up in the deep Penumbra about eight Lamps out of the Spire, and were using it to waylay Penumbral hunters and travelers. There were too many of them for us to fight on foot, and they had brought in a swarm of those runty flying bastards so we couldn't even get near their pickets.   So we set ourselves up in the near Penumbra and waited for the kill-cart to arrive from the Spire. Took almost a week, but it was worth it! We rolled that thing into the deep Penumbra and waited for the Spawn to send out their flyers. Well, it wasn't long before we heard the screeching and in minutes, we were being attacked from all sides by the devils. We formed a box around the Illuminator and defended ourselves until the Thramorri commander had committed everything to wiping us out. Then, we pulled the lever on Sunshine and watched!   You should have seen it, lad! The Spawn practically exploded in flame the instant the light hit them! What had been the deep Penumbra was suddenly bright as a Spire itself! Not a single one of the bastards made it out - even the commander burned to cinders right in front of us!   If they weren't so damned expensive to make, we could churn out enough to cover the whole world!


Oxen or draft horses

Weapons & Armament

The device boasts light steel plating over its mechanisms, and heavy chain draped across much of its bulk.   The device's only weapons are its three, boom-mounted sunstones. Each stone weighs approximately forty pounds, and is roughly twice the size of a human head. The stones are activated by three wooden strikers, attached by pulleys to a single lever. When the lever is pulled, the strikers snap forward, striking the sunstones at the same time.   Once illuminated, the sunstones will blaze forth with a light too bright to look at directly. They illuminate an area nearly two miles in diameter and are capable of reducing any unprotected Thramorri to ash in seconds.
The Kill-cart; Sunshine; Spawn-burner
Less than 5 such devices currently exist
Eight feet
Twelve feet
Body: eight feet; booms: twelve feet (left and right booms angle up at 70 degrees, central boom rises straight up)
A little over a thousand pounds
Drawn by oxen, averaging 8-10 miles per hour
Complement / Crew
Requires a crew of five

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