ManuTech LCVP

Written by Barron

You want to get your troops from the Wayship to the Win? That's where the Manutech LVCP comes into play.

No Terrain? No Problem.

The ManuTech LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) is a mecha vehicle designed to bridge the gap between space-based warfare and planet invasion. With powerful thrusters and Meissner Antigravity engines powering the vehicle and a vacuum-sealed crew chamber, it can transport troops and supplies from Wayship to land.   Once the LCVP reaches land it is then able to move on the terrain and provide fire support. It is valued for its ability to make swift invasions possible without sacrificing security of the infantry units.  


The LCVP works through space using traditional combustible propellant means, and uses automatically timed Impact Gel tubes to land at near terminal velocity. When the gel subsides, troops can exit or stay within the vehicle. Meissner engines keep the vehicle moving in an all-terrian capacity.  


The LCVP protects its contents with heavy plates of reactive armor inlaid with meta-resistant lattices that absorb incoming spells. The Meissner engines are hidden beneath additional plating to help protect it from being made immobile.  

Camouflage and Appearance

The LCVP is quadrilateral in shape, with steep angled sides to assist in deflecting incoming fire. Most are painted with an appropriate camouflage on being deployed.


Armor Piercing Auto-Cannon x 2

Variable Payload Main Cannon x 1

Stun Smoke Launchers x 4

(Optional) Meta-powered Universal Cannon x 1

The Groundhog


Author's Notes


Summer Camp Prompt 27

Describe the functions of a vehicle used for military practices or conflicts.

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