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Impact Gel Launcher


Impact Gel is a commonplace technology that uses a quick forming and dissolving gel to negate the major damages taken by sudden collision. It is cheap to produce, easy to shape, and can fit in a multitude of sizes for different applications. It is a one-use only technology, making it a perfect for emergency situations.

Upon activation the Gel will fill any available space, and in two seconds, dissolve into a layer of ash that can be easily blown away.

“It's not the fall that kills you; it's the sudden stop at the end...”

A long gone human named Douglas Adams said that. I like to think that Douglas Adams is smirking at Impact Gel. We made the sudden stop not a problem.

Colin Bransmurk founder of Kinemaxis Safety Technology


Impact Activation

It's always fun to shoot an enemy wearing a gel belt. Like puttin' em on green ice for a couple seconds.

Impact Gel is a volatile substance, it is made to deploy on an impact or directly before an fatal impact. This means that other forces can take advantage of the triggering substance through punching, gunshot, or even throwing someone into a wall. The Gel is near impossible to escape when deployed and can immobilize someone or even a group for multiple seconds.

Proper Timing

Because of the fleeting nature of Impact Gel, using it in life-threatening falls requires careful planning and training. Improper deployment of Impact Gel will lead to the user either being enveloped post-humorously or impacting with a pile of disintegrated ash. Neither scenario is covered by the warranty.

Internal Usage

Impact Gel is not intended to be used inside the body and must be measured cautiously if being used in a compartment of a vehicle. Detonation of Impact Gel in an individual can cause immediate rupturing of the body as the gels pressure is greater than the thresholds of the human body.

I watched someone take an Impact Gel Flare Round to the mouth. The resulting chunky red paste ruined the crew's dinner.

Ash Residue

Using Impact Gel in poorly ventilated areas can lead to a thick layer of ash on the floor. This ash is slippery and non-stick in nature, allowing it to be easily cleaned. If it is left unchecked in can provide a working hazard. This is a common issue when using Impact Gel for fire suppression.


Impact Absorption

 From vehicular protection, to self-defense; Impact Gel is a ubiquitous technology used through all Banners. In vehicles, Impact Gel capsules can ignite on impact detection and encapsulate the entire vehicle. For personal uses, it can be loaded into a universal flare launcher or even mounted on a paratroopers belt.

Impact Gel can be deployed in dire circumstances, shot at the ground to 'catch' a falling individual and leaving them almost entirely unharmed. This does require automation or a relative amount of skill however, as shooting to early won't give the gel enough time to form. Fire too early, and the gel will dissipate before the user lands.

Fire Suppression

 Impact Gel is a popular and ubiquitous solution to fire control. With Impact Gel's ability to completely fill a room, it can snuff out fire in a split second upon activation. There is no need for dry or wet piping to be established, and there is no risk of water damage. Most systems use a grid of impact gel canisters that are sealed with a heat sensitive strip.

If the heat sensitive strip snaps, the Gel capsule ejects and activates, filling up a room for two seconds before fading away into a layer of ash. The only reset required is to reload the fire-suppression chambers and sweep up the ash. The residual ash is slippery, so be cautious of footing.


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